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Jorn – Traveller Review

jorn traveller cover

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: June 13th 2013 EU / June 11th 2013 US

Genre: Classic Hard Rock, Melodic Metal


Line Up:

Jørn Lande – Vocals

Jimmy Iversen – Guitars

Trond Holter – Guitars

Bernt Jansen – Bass

Willy Bendiksen – Drums



1. Overload

2. Cancer Demon

3. Traveller

4. Window Maker

5. Make Your Engine Scream

6. Legend Man

7. Carry The Black

8. Rev On

9. Monsoon

10. The Man Who Was King



The first time I heard the mighty voice of Jorn Lande was back in 2001 with the album‘Burn The Sun’ from Norwegian progmetal outfit Ark.

In fact it’s the only cd I physically have on which Norwegian born Jorn sings in his distinctive style, melting the big hardrock vocalists from the seventies Ronnie James Dio and David Coverdale. That was pretty early in his career, a career that has turned out to be very prolific and where he has become one of the most hired voices for other, ofcourse mainly hardrock & metal projects. To name a few: Allen/Lande, Masterplan, Beyond Twilight and Yngwie Malmsteen (live).

‘Traveller’ (a very suitable title for a man like Jorn) is already his 2nd release this year after the orchestrated ‘Symphonic’, a compilation of previous recordings fused with classical music.

Pairing up with new guitarist Trond Holter (Wig Wam, Dreampolice) and bassist Bernt Janssen (Wig Wam) Jorn presents another classic hardrock/metal album with a lot of catchy melodies, massive riffing, pumping bass and decent, though a bit boring, drumwork.

Don’t expect Jorn stepping totally out of his well-carved path. ‘Traveller’ is just more from the same but it has to be said, he and his bandmates deliver a thoroughly constant piece of work, there are no fillers among the 10 tracks. And it’s always a pleasure to listen to the super melodic harmony vocals from Jorn.

Production-wise, everything sounds rich and deep with a little bit of an eighties-feel (especially the drums) but that’s absolutely no problem with this kind of classic inspired metal.

To pick out some highlights then. I personally like the slightly deviant tracks ‘Carry The Black’, a very dark piece with spooky sounds and a more Sabbath-like sound, and ‘Monsoon’ a brilliant track that easily could have been written by Journey and features a heavenly bluesy, floydian guitarsolo.

The album closes with (another !) ode to Jorn’s idol, the sadly departed Ronnie James Dio: ‘The Man Who Was King’. ‘Traveller’ is a new addition to Jorn’s impressive legacy, an album that will please a lot of fans out there. But I dare to ask myself, for how long ?

My rating….. well with bands/artists just starting their career you always have the tendency to rank them higher, certainly if they would have come up with something that levels ‘Traveller’, but with an already established man like Jorn I tend to adjust the final rating downwards a bit as you already expect.

An 8 out of 10 for musicianship and song quality but a 6 out of 10 for originality makes my final verdict…..


Written by Ruud

Ratings    Ruud    7/10

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