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Kings of the Sun – Rock Till Ya Die Review

kings of the sun

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Clifford Hoad – Lead Singer

Dave Talon – Rhythm Guitar, from Rollerball

Quentin Elliott – Lead Guitar

Baron Von Berg – 2nd drummer



Kings of the Sun…now there a name that really takes me back.Successful in the eighties era of MTV with videos from their debut like “Serpentine”and “Black Leather”..they fell victim to the grunge music genre. I saw them live in 1988 as support to Kiss in Belfast. As well as Kiss, Kings of the Sun also toured with Joe Satriani, Guns N Roses and Lita Ford.

After Kings of the Sun,Cliff and Jeff formed The Rich and Famous. This saw the brothers reinvent themselves,  Jeff playing keyboards and Cliff playing Tenor Saxophone. This was all on the first CD self titled ” The Rich And Famous”. Musical styles then turned full circle and rock came back ., Jeff dragged out the Marshalls and the band tried to write up beat rock like never before and the CD was called “Like ASuperstar “. Next album, Marshall still out, and they were taking no prisoners with their 3rd release”Stand Back Prepare To Be Amazed”

Well 2013, and what I have in my hand is a copy of Clifford Hoads Kings of the Sun “Rock Till Ya Die” the first release by the band in twenty years. This actually sees Clifford assuming lead vocals from his brother Jeff. Rather than change the sound of the band completely ,it actually sounds similar and doesn’t present a complete departure. Sound-wise it doffs its cap to Antipodean neighbors Acdc and Rose Tattoo. Suffice to say that rock n roll party anthems are the order off the day with beer driven powerfully executed good ole Aussie rock.

Lyrically its not just one dimensional and cliched though. Indian heritage is paid tribute to with the track “Geronimo”which Cliff states came to him in a dream after chatting with a native American Indian guy in the States. “Its about never ending perseverance & standing up for what you believe, which has been my savings grace in my journey back into music, thank-you Geronimo, your a legend to me!” Music and life seem to have inspired a lot of the lyrics on the 11 tracks on “Rock Til Ya Die” The trademark Aussie rough edged sound being touched and tinged at times with other musical styles, blues, country and even gospel in parts. This is definitely a solid and pleasurable musical ride and journey,and a welcome return to the music scene for the Kings of the Sun band. My favorite tracks tend to be the hard edged rockier numbers such as “Fire on the Mountain” and “Reach for the bottle”(with its Ac Dc influenced groove). However the straddling of other genres and styles certainly prove that the band are no one-trick pony and there is definitely something for everybody on this release.So open that bottle of beer, crank up the music and start the party!!!


Written by Mark

Ratings    Mark    8/10

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