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Tad Morose – Revenant Review


RELEASED BY : Despotz Records

GENRE: Heavy Metal/Power Metal

RELEASE DATE : 20th November 2013



Line Up:

Guitars: Christer “Krunt” Andersson

Drums: Peter Morén

Bass: Tommi Karppanen

Vocals: Ronny Hemlin

Guitars: Kenneth Jonsson



1. Beneath A Veil Of Crying Souls

2. Follow

3. Babylon

4. Within a Dream

5. Ares

6. Absence Of Light

7. Death Embrace

8. Dance Of The Damned

9. Spirit World

10. Timeless Dreaming

11. Millenium Lie

12. Gypsy


TAD MOROSE have always been somewhat of a ‘cult’ band. What I mean by that is that a lot of people have never heard of them, metal followers included, but just about anybody that does know of the band hold them in very high regard. For those of you that may be discovering them for the first time, TAD MOROSE are a Sweden-based band that play Power Metal more toward the American side of things, with some progressive metal touches and a strong nod to a more traditional heavy metal sound. It has been a whole decade since the band’s last release MODUS VIVENDI, an album that has since been looked back at as a classic album of the Power Metal genre.

In the early part of the decade since the last album, the band had ceased to exist after the departure of front-man Urban Breed, and also lost another couple of members along the way. Original member Christer Andersson and long-time drummer Peter Moren decided a few years ago to get the group back together and have since been building a stable of highly regarded musicians, including their new vocalist Ronny Hemlin who some will know from his time in STEEL ATTACK. Once the band had settled on a new line-up they began the process which would eventually lead to the release of the band’s 7th full-length album REVENANT.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new album is that is has a decidedly ‘tough’ feel to it…Power Metal with some added balls and aggression I guess you could call it. Not that it’s too far removed from how the band has sounded in the past, but with the deeper vocal style of Ronny Hemlin there is a slightly darker feel overall. Speaking of Hemlin, you gotta give this guy credit… Having to take the reigns from somebody as highly respected as Urban Breed must have been a daunting task, but Hemlin obviously threw everything he had at this new opportunity and has proven to be a very worthy successor. Musically, the album doesn’t quite hit the highs of MODUS VIVENDI, and with less of a progressive nature than earlier material and a more streamlined sound there is a slight air of sameness throughout REVENANT, especially in the mid-section where a few songs in a row feel a little too similar to one another. When the album kicks though, in brilliant tracks like BENEATH OF A VEIL OF CRYING SOULS, ARES and SPIRIT WORLD, it really is a great display of the potential still within this band and a great reminder of their legacy up until this point.

In a market as saturated as Power Metal is right now, being limited in how many albums you buy can make decisions very hard. It’s safe to say though that if you are a TAD MOROSE fan there are plenty of reasons to lay some of your hard-earned down on REVENANT. Those unfamiliar to the band may be a little harder to convince, but if your a fan of power metal that sheds through the happy and flowery stuff then at least give this album a chance.


Written by Zeezee

Ratings    Zeezee    7/10


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