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Overland – Epic Review


Released by: Escape Music

Release Date: February 21st, 2013

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock




Radio Radio

If Looks Could kill


Rags To Riches

Liberate My Heart

Down Comes The Night

If Your Heart’s Not In It

Rock Me

So This Is Love


The End Of The Road


I’ve got a pretty good track record here with My Global Mind about finding top notch AOR music. Despite enjoying some particularly heavy music, AOR hard rock is probably one of the styles I find more of a passion for than anything else. With my love of bands like Pretty Maids, TNT, Harem Scarem, Journey, and of course my guys in Paragon, it’s pretty obvious that if it’s got catchy hooks, excellent vocals, and amazing songs I’m bound to love it a lot. Enter Steve Overland, the voice of legendary English AOR band FM. I came into that band late in the game, but was instantly blown away by their incredible music. When the magnificent Denys asked me to review Steve’s new Overland album Epic I jumped at the chance.

Just as I expected, Epic lives up to its name. Everything a fan of his has come to expect is here: stunning vocals, super catchy songs, and tight, polished musicianship. With songs like “Down Comes the Night,” “So This Is Love,” “Stranded,” and “Wild” it’s guaranteed to please even the grumpiest of AOR fans. Though there is no new ground here and sometimes seems formulaic, it’s still an excellent album and such an enjoyable listen. New fans to his music should expect something akin to the Brian Howe era of Bad Company though leaning more towards a traditional AOR sound as opposed to a straight rock sound.

If you’re already a fan of Steve Overland and his various projects, then this is definitely an album you’ll want to add to your collection. If you’re new to his music and/or AOR music in general this is a good start, though I’d probably suggest grabbing some FM albums as well. You simply can’t go wrong in that endeavor. As for Epic, it’s a great album, but again if you’re looking for something different from what he has done in the past, not going to find that here. Nothing wrong with that of course; when you have a sound as great as Overland there is no need to improve upon it.

Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    7/10

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One thought on “Overland – Epic Review

  1. Hi,I’m a huge Overland fan and I’m a bit sad looking the first reviews shown on the web: ratings are too low , never above 7,5.. so I have a thought that maybe Overland after all these years has crafted a distinctive mark sound that better lefet untouched;
    so you’d never expect a masterpiece from him because all his works already are !
    Afterall it’s the Aor kind of music we’re talking on’, a genre where innovation is hard.


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