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Winchester Rebels – Warrior Review

winchester rebels_cover

Released by: Self

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Nick Hunt -vocals
Nick Fitzgerald -guitar
James Longoria -guitar
John Livergood -bass
Barry Carter -drums



Golden Line
My Ways
Don’t Mess Around
Waters Rage
Down (new version)


The quintet from Santa Barbara, California, collectively known as Winchester Rebels, have just released their new CD entitled Warrior. I hate to give up just how much I love this album in the second sentence of my review (I should make you wait for it) but this is a great record, very refreshing, with a cool sound and vibe.

Before I go into more details about the record itself let me talk about the band. Winchester Rebels was formed back in 2009 by Nick Hunt (vocals) and John Livergood (bass) after talking for years about putting a band together. One night they ran into an old friend, guitarist Nick Fitzgerald, outside a local bar and he joined. After a few practices they talked about adding another guitar to the mix and Fitzgerald asked a friend, James Longoria, to join the band. He then asked his childhood friend and drummer, Barry Carter, to join the fray. The lineup was set.

Even though Warrior is ,generally speaking, a melodic hard rock release it does incorporate some alternative rock and country rock into the mix. In fact, the country rock vibe can be heard to one degree or another throughout the record. Think steel guitars and slide guitars and that’s the extent of the country rock influence. Don’t think of cowboys and horses. Instead, think modern day “cowboys” on steel horses. That imagery works well on the guitar intro to the opening track, Golden Line. With it’s combination of electric and acoustic guitar you can easily imagine yourself clad in leather riding your “hog” down some 2 lane strip of asphalt in the middle of Arizona. The next song is Fast, a little on the alternative side with a catchy chorus and country rock guitar solo. Fast could easily be released as a single. My Ways follows Fast. A little slower song with a definite country rock flare. Don’t Mess Around, Mirrors, and Ropes continue the same vibe with varying amounts of country rock and different tempos. Waters Rage is a cool song quite reminiscent of Shinedown. Nick’s vocals on this song sound eerily similar to Shinedown’s Brent Smith. The second to last song, Down, is another song that could be released as a single with its straight forward rock sound and catchy chorus. The title track is a nice acoustic song that brings to mind Johnny Cash and closes out the CD.

There really isn’t anything negative I can say about this release. It’s such an enjoyable listen. It’s refreshing, it’s different. It’s just downright cool! I like it more every time I listen to it. And that’s saying a lot considering I really liked it the first time I listened to it. The songs are well written and the guitar work is brilliant from beginning to end. For me that whole country rock, slide guitar, steel guitar sound really works for me when done right. And it is definitely done right on Warrior. I look forward to more releases from Winchester Rebels in the future. Warrior is a very solid 8 out of 10.


Written by Jeff

Ratings    Jeff    8/10

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