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Something Clever – Season of Darkness Review


Released: Out Now!!!

Released By: Self Release

Genre: Rock

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Adam Nelson – Vocals

Kelly Flusk – Lead Guitar

Brett Baker – Guitar

Colt Crevar – Bass, Vocals

Dylan Roles – Drums


Track List:

1.0 Season of Darkness

2.0 Best Laid Plans (Remastered Radio Edit)

3.0 Best Laid Plans

4.0 Freaks Like You


Something Clever is a band out of Charlotte, NC. They’ve been around a couple years now and have slowly moved from an alt rock sound to more of a modern hard rock/metal outfit. They’ve been on my radar almost a year now, with all intents of getting out and seeing them live. I managed to do that, ironically, for their CD release party for their latest offering Season of Darkness. It is Part 1 of a two part EP series (Season of Light is due out May of this year.) On stage the band simply blew me away. They have a clear goal and a determined focus. The music live was high energy, powerful, and very melodic. I got the album and was very anxious to give it a spin.
The album opens with this very subdued “Intro” that is very haunting. It leads into the title track which starts with the intense voice of Adam Nelson and this driving guitar riff. It builds into this churning melodic/metallic song with a driving beat behind it. It’s very indicative of what Something Clever is all about. Next was a track the band has had for a while entitled “Freaks Like You.” It starts hard driving then slows to a heavy churner into a very catchy sing-a-long chorus. This is followed by another hard driving track entitled “Echoes.” I really love the guitar riff on this one during the verses. “Best Laid Plans” is another track the band had previously released as a single. It’s got this anthemic bounce to it that makes one want to throw their fist in the air and sing right along. “The Lie” is the final track on the album. It starts with this quiet piece that slowly builds to this heavy growl and chaotic guitar lick into this hard hitting riff. The songs are excellent, mostly because they’re written and performed by excellent musicians. Adam Nelson has this very strong voice full of passion and emotion, while bassist Colt Crevar backs him up with these intense growls. The twin guitar riffs of Kelly Flusk and Brett Baker drive home the metal point, and are succinctly punctuated with some very brilliant solos from Flusk. Dylan Roles brings it altogether with his very heavy drums and unique accents he tosses in.
This is not customarily the style of music I go for, but from the moment they hit the stage to the last note of listening to Season of Darkness, I have to admit I am hooked. Something Clever have a bright future ahead for them and I would highly encourage giving them a listen. If you enjoy modern hard rock and metal with a harder edge than most yet maintaining the proper balance of hard and melodic, this is the band for you.

Written by: Chris Martin


Ratings: Chris 9/10

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