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Krysthla – A War of Souls and Desires Review


Released by: Plastic Head Distribution

Release date: 25 September 2015

Genre: Heavy Metal

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Adi Mayes — Vocals

Neil Hudson — Guitar

Noel Davis — Guitar

Carl Davis — Bass

Wayne Minney – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Minority Of One

02. Luminosity

03. H+

04. Caged Earth

05. By Way of Deception

06. The Human Cipher

07. Praise Thee in Flesh

08. An Ancient Hope


My idea of what’s good may not jive with what someone else might think is good. I’m OK with that. I don’t do reviews necessarily to persuade someone to enjoy the same things I do (or hate the same things I hate. I’m quirky like that.) I write them to inform the listener whether I personally think an album is worth checking out or not. It’s up to you to agree or disagree and either way you feel I can live with. I also tend to write from a different perspective and some people appreciate that and others not so much. I’m OK with that too. When I checked out this album from a band out of the UK called Krysthla I was torn about it upon first listen: part of me really hated it from the opening and another part of me tried to dissuade the other half from hating it.

Their debut is called A War of Souls and Desires, and is comprised of former members of Gutworm and Deadeye, two bands I am unfamiliar with. On the surface it is a very heavy album, wavering between thrashy death metal with an almost hardcore vibe (and very djenty,) but ultimately it kind of bored me. I love heavy music, but I prefer it to be nuanced and if not have a little bit of melody to it at least have a good groove. I kept hearing Meshuggah in their sound, and for many people that is a plus, but for me not so much.  Having said all of that, there is definitely a market for this sound, and fans of it will lap this up instantly.

Krysthla’s A War of Souls and Desires may not be an album that blew me away, but it might be something you would enjoy. Rarely would I tell people to avoid an album at all costs, and this isn’t one of them. I don’t hate it; it’s just not my thing. The musicianship is great on it, but stylistically not my cup of tea. I would’ve liked it so much more had there been some sort of dynamic to it other than just full throttle aggression without any passion at all.

Written by: Chris Martin


Ratings: Chris 4/10


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