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Rage Against The Machine – Live At Finsbury Park DVD Review

Released by: Eagle Rock

Release Date: October 16th, 2015

Genre: Rage Metal

Links: http://www.ratm.com


Line Up:

Zack de la Rocha
Tom Morello
Tim Commerford
Brad Wilk



1) Testify
2) Bombtrack
3) People Of The Sun
4) Know Your Enemy
5) Bulls On Parade
6) Township Rebellion
7) Bullet In The Head
8) White Riot
9) Guerrilla Radio
10) Sleep Now In The Fire
11) Freedom
12) Killing In The Name


Watching a live performance from Rage Against the Machine is an experience. I remember clearly how the LA activist rock/metal outfit firmly planted themselves in the eyes of the world in the 90’s. Has it been that long since RATM has released a record? Despite their absence from the scene, minus a few festivals here and there, the aura of the band has remained strong, very strong. In fact so strong that on this newly released DVD gig from 2010 actually, a spear headed campaign by UK DJ Jon Morter and his wife Tracy against what the mainstream considers great music now a days, the dreaded X Factor, like a ton of others corporate machine gimmick shows that decide for you who you should listen to, these guys made a point to nominate Rage with their song “Killing In The Name Of” as opposed to that years Christmas UK chart leader, which was an X Factor product.

The band loved the idea so much that after a call to arms was issued, they made their tune #1 on the chart and in return the outspoken rock militia provided a free concert to thank the UK fans for their dedication to the band. Here we present that live gig at Finsbury Park in London.

I have to say all the years this band has played live, one thing you can count on is their powerful rhythm & bass section and their electric shows. This particular live recording is no different.

While a short set list, they add a best of catalog and it plays out extremely well, as singer Zack de la Rocha proves that even though the Morello and Cornell supergroup Audioslave was okay, Rage still just rips the cover of any live tracks, literally. There is truly one Rage Against the Machine and the songs still sound great live despite the countless numbers of years without any new material.

“Testify” comes out of the gates steaming with rabid political verbiage and emphatic punishment. One of my personal faves in “Know Your Enemy” which spikes the crowd noise level to the max, as Morello and Commerford go through licks and rhythm changes on this one to finish with a resounding punch of sound.

Tom Morello is no guitar god, but what he did well during the bands active years, is experiment with strings and honestly blend his wackiness dj-esque arrangement and synths sounds perfectly to compliment Rocha’s hip hop style and lyrics, on “Bulls on Parade” this theory comes together on queue and the moshing commences.

Guerrilla Radio“, “Sleep Now in The Fire” keeps the energy flowing on all levels, and once again validating why I traded a pack of cigarettes for the newly released “Battle of Los Angeles” CD back in 1999 from a close friend.

The ending fitting closes the night with the voted 1 song “Killing In The Name Of” which for nostalgia sake, leaves many probably wanting the band to come back and make some new material. Not likely to happen as the band members keep saying nothing is in the works. These guys have always been about the message and about making a point, free music to lead a free world of punishment and control by corporations and government. Sure some call them hippy and communists, I call them visionaries with enough brass to take their messages to millions, and guess what? That message is still strong to this day just as this live performance proves.

” f— you i wont do whtcha tell me!”

Warm Regards —- RATM


Ratings:  9/10

By: Shadow Editor

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