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Attica Rage Live at Rebellion Bar Manchester, UK on October 23rd, 2015



Photos & Review by Lindsey Appleton



Dyorlich were up first a 5 piece metal band which are a no holds barred metal band that pack a mighty punch.
With booming riffs and a destruction and chaos that leaps out from guitars and bass mixed with the striking heaviness of the drums, these guys release a clear message to the crowds that they mean business.
The crowds gather here at the Rebellion bar in Manchester tonight, with Dyorlich asserting their stature and paving the way for the next band, this was a fantastic band to start the night with.



Massive Wagons

Well what can i say about these guys that others probably haven’t already said.

For me tonight this Lancashire based 5 piece were beyond incredible, they drew the crowds in with their stage performance which was absolutely flawless. Baz’s vocals were on top form, his energy buzzing throughout their set got people pumped up, the crowds chanting along to such favourites as ‘fight the system’ got everyone’s adrenaline flowing.

The band gave us a little flavour of one of their new songs ‘Ratio’, which left me wanting more, this band never fail to impress, and this new ditty is really catchy, one to tantalize your musical taste buds.
If you like hard rock that grabs you by the balls so to speak then you will like these guys, they are hard working and have taken the bull by the horns and have gotten where they are down to the pure love of music, they have poured their everything into their music, and it shows by their following they have and how working hard can get you somewhere in this downtrodden industry, the recognition they have is well deserved.

They ended the night with a cover of Status Quo’s – Down which was nothing more than an awesome way for these guys to finish their set, getting the crowds to sing along and ensuring the atmosphere within the venue was nothing more than electric.
If you want to catch these guys in Manchester they will be playing SOS Fest 2016, get your tickets while they are available!.

Massive Wagons__2 Massive Wagons__1



Attica Rage

These guys having seen them quite a few times before being an old favourite of mine, I enjoy seeing them live whenever they come round to Manchester.

This Scottish Hard Rock/Heavy metal band have earned their reputation by playing festivals, headlining shows and tours across the UK and Europe, supporting the likes of Saxon, Slash and Judas Priest.
Attica kick off the night with ‘Killer Carousel’ and ’36 Insane’, which keeps the electric flowing.
36 Insane is fast paced and heavy full of screeching guitar solos and thunderous drum beats.
Then they slow things down later on with the incredible ‘Ashamed’.

Jonny Parr shows incredible vocals throughout this song with his melodic harmonies, his depth and distinction with each note really draws you in, you feel the song, lyrics begin to have deep meaning, it surrounds you and draws you in almost like a story teller relaying a story to you but through music, really soulful and harmonious.

They finish off the night with ‘Back to the Old School’, which is always a crowd pleaser.
Attica Rage shows they can cover any range/style of song handed to them, this band pulls out all the stops, and caters to everyones tastes from hard and heavy to slow and melodic.
Tonight was an incredible performance.

If you havent had chance to check these guys out they will be performing at Hard Rock Hell in Pwllheli, Hard Rock Hell dates are 12-15 Nov 2015.

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