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Interview with Sam (Guitars, Vocals) (Savage Messiah) live at HRH United

Interview by Lindsey Appleton

MGM – You guys have just played the Hammerfest stage, how did you guys find that?.

SAM – We got a great reaction, our songs went down really well with the crowds, so yea we are really pleased.

MGM – How are you finding your time with Savage Messiah, taking over from the likes of Joff?.

SAM – It’s great, its like hanging out with my best friends, Me and Dave have known each other several years, I have played with Mira before, nobody knows this but I used to tour with them as Daves Guitar Tech, while I was doing my own musical thing on the side. Its just the same as always, hanging out with really good friends. The songs are really fun to play.

MGM – Savage Messiah have been doing all sorts recently, Dave spoke with Chuck from Testament, then the band was on Channel 4 after being awarded a grant by the British Phonographic Industry, how has that made an impact on the band?.

SAM – The grant helped give the guys a little push in the right direction and now its set things in motion it seems to have snow balled from there.

MGM – The band over the past couple of years has just grown as has their fan base, there must be some great stories from the past couple of years.

SAM – Yea well the band went on tour with Havock and Amon Amarth, Me and Dave fly out to California next week to start recording, we are there for a week then we have a string of rehearsals, by the end of April we should have it mix and mastered then we can do all the press releases. Then we can look at doing a music video.

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MGM – Can you give us a little insight as to what might be going on in the music video?.

SAM – It will just be us good looking guys and our instruments doing what we do.

MGM – Do you think the music industry is changing and if so have you noticed any significant changes?.

SAM – We just adapt, the music industry for us hasn’t really changed significantly, its harder for newer up and coming bands i think to be able to get noticed when they are so many genres and so many bands all doing the same stuff, its hard, you need to have that uniqueness nowadays I think, if people can pigeon hole you or put you in a category and they say oh your band sounds like such and such, then there must be a million other bands out there doing the same thing, you need to have your own brand and style of music, for people to be like ‘wow’ these guys are different. You need to break out and do you own thing don’t be afraid to stand up and be different.

MGM – Is there any festivals you guys haven’t played yet that you’d like to play?

SAM –Yea we’d like to play Download.

MGM – There’s so many new Festivals popping up now its a great way for bands to get that bit more exposure, if you could play your own festival what would you call it and who would be playing?.

SAM – SavageFest or a Savage Cruise has a ring to it, id get the likes of Metallica to open for us.

(we both laugh)

MGM – Yea we all have dreams like that Sam

(We both laugh)


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