Dynazty – Titanic Mass Review

So what's the final verdict? With "Titanic Mass" we have another contender for the title "Album Of The Year" here. You simply can't do Melodic Metal any better than...

Released by: Spinefarm Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal

Links: http://www.dynazty.com


Line Up:

Nils Molin (vox)
Love Magnusson (guitar)
George Egg (drums)
Mikael Lavér (guitar)
Jonathan Olsson (bass)



01. The Human Paradox
02. Untamer Of Your Soul
03. Roar Of The Underdog
04. Titanic Mass
05. Keys To Paradise
06. I Want To Live Forever
07. The Beast Inside
08. Break Into The Wild
09. Crack In The Shell
10. Free Man’s Anthem
11. The Smoking Gun


The Swedish group Dynazty is one of those bands, who always deliver high quality with each new album, but surprisingly the rest of the world seems to have missed these guys. If music business would be fair this band should have conquered the world by storm with their infectious Metal anthems. Started as a Hair/Sleaze Metal outfit they reinvented themselves back in 2014 with their latest album “Renatus”, which was simply one of the best albums of the year. Now their fifth record “Titanic Mass” hit the stores and Dynazty continue where they left off with “Renatus”.

I was one of those people who really appreciated the different approach they used on their fourth album. It was very fresh and combined the best of both worlds: the heaviness of classic Metal and the more melodic side of Hard Rock. “Titanic Mass” is the logical next step in the bands history and a continuation of the sound they introduced to us on “Renatus”. Maybe the song material is once more slightly heavier than on previous records, but the big hooks and anthemic melodies are still there.

“Titanic Mass” starts with one of the best Dynazty songs ever written – the first single “The Human Paradox”. This is the perfect example what you have to expect from this band nowadays. Although they combine elements of different bands the result sounds still fresh and so unique. This song is a winner from start to finish, especially because of its amazing chorus. What follows are two more tracks in the same vein, called “Untamer Of Your Soul” and “Roard Of The Underdog”. If you like heavy riffing and stadium sized refrains – these songs are for you. The following title track is one of the heaviest tracks on this album and reduces the influences of Melodic Hard Rock. This is a classic Heavy Metal neckbreaker. “Keys To Paradise” and “Break Into The Wild” continue the way of the first three tracks, while “I Want To Live Forever” comes along in a more darker, pounding way. Dynazty saved another killer tune for the last half of the record and this one is called “Free Man’s Anthem”. At this point you simply wonder where they get those great melodies from. Throughout the whole album you can easily hear that those guys are grown-up now and that they increased their songwriting skills massively over the years.

If you try to find something negative here you’ll have a pretty hard time, because there simply is not a weak moment on this album. The only thing you could discuss about is the fact that there aren’t many surprises on this record, but that’s OK. You can’t reinvent yourself with each new record. Personally I also needed a bit more time to get into some of the songs, but once that happened those tracks never let me go.

With that said also the production is once more outstanding. It’s one of the best sounding records this year so far with a crystal clear and pounding sound. Nils Molin delivers once more a fantastic vocal performance on the microphone. His range is impressive. Whether high-pitched vocals or more raw and gritty singing – he sounds awesome. Talking about the rest of the band I just can say they are one unit and everyone has his moments where he can shine on this record. The guitar solos and the sharp riffing are excellent, as well as the tight rhythm section.

So what’s the final verdict? With “Titanic Mass” we have another contender for the title “Album Of The Year” here. You simply can’t do Melodic Metal any better than this in 2016. If you never heard of this band before you should definitely check them out, because they are one of the most ambitious bands around in the scene and they simply deserve it to become famous!


Written by: Thomas Schwarzkopf

Ratings:  Thomas  10/10

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