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Ghost “PopeStar” Album Review

Genre: Metal
Released by:Loma Vista Recordings
Release date: Out Now

1. Square Hammer
2. Nocturnal Me (Echo & the Bunnymen cover)
3. I Believe (Simian Mobile Disco cover)
4. Missionary Man (Eurythmics cover)
5. Bible (Imperiet cover)

Ghost have made a comeback with their latest effort in the format of their second EP released through Loma Vista Recordings. The EP features one original song and four covers from Echo & The Bunnymen, Simian Mobile Disco, Eurythmics and Imperit. The album has been said to be a taster for what the next full length Ghost album will sound like which for some listeners might seem hard to top from the success of the reception that their last album Meliora received. This album features the same name as the current US tour “Popestar” that the band have added to their extensive touring schedule and are only playing the single Square Hammer live from this EP.


Square Hammer is the lead single from the EP and starts with a catchy guitar riff and keyboard playing in an organ setting. The song is very 70s sounding and a lot of the newer fans will enjoy it with the direction this band is going. The sound reminded me of In Flames mixed when other Scandinavian rock artists like Deathstars, HIM etc. The sound is very watered down in the verses.
The second track Nocturnal Me is a cover of the song by Echo & The Bunnymen and sounds very similar to the original song. There hasn’t been a lot of changes made to it but Ghost have given it their own twist like they did with the first EP If You Have Ghosts. The third track I Believe is a cover of the song by Simian Mobile Disco and is entirely just Papa singing to a keyboard backing track.
Missionary Man is a heavier blues version of the track by Eurythmics and features a harmonica solo just like the original recording. It features Fia from the Swedish band The Great Discord on backing vocals. This is the second heaviest song on the album after their own single Square Hammer.
Bible is the final track from the EP and it is a cover of the song by the Swedish band Imperit. It is very 80s sounding and reminded me of arena type bands from that era like Queen, Bon Jovi and Alice Cooper with big choruses which is what Ghost have been wanting to grow to over the years of becoming a bigger and more commercial band.

Reviewer: David Bell

Rating 5/10

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