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Livesay – Frozen Hell Review

Released by: Kivel Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Metal



Line Up:








1. Intro
2. Leaving
3. Slaved and Bound
4. With Or Without You
5. Age of Reason
6. Welcome To the Real World
7. Stop Believing
8. Comes of Age
9. Since You Been Gone
10. Frozen Hell
11. Spread Your Wings


I’ve always felt that diversity and versatility are very important in music- and I believe that when it comes to performing as well as listening practices. My tastes are essentially all over the chart, truth be told. With the exception of rap, country, and a great deal of pop music, I’ll give about anything a chance. I’ve said before, it allows me the freedom to listen to anything and have the perfect soundtrack for whatever mood I am in. I just can’t wrap my mind around people that listen to one particular thing…never have, never will. I also feel like that a musician that is able to branch out and do different things is a better-rounded performer. Now I don’t expect someone like Luke Bryan to step out and do a Black Metal project, but within the confines of a grander genre, I think it is healthy and acceptable to try on different hats. One of my more recent vocal discoveries is a man by the name Shawn Pelata. And he 100% fits what I’m talking about.

2016 has been a good year musically for Pelata: It started off with the debut of Final Sign Hold High the Flame, around the middle he had 7HY’s Stories We Tell, and is rounding out this fantastic year of albums with the latest from Livesay entitled Frozen Hell. And all three fit three distinct needs musically. FS was a traditional heavy metal offering while 7HY was more of the 80’s Hard Rock style. Livesay is more of an AOR project, offering ultra catchy songs yet still having a hard rock edge to it. Both of their prior releases have been excellent and Frozen Hell keeps on that same trajectory.

The songs are expertly crafted to draw in the listener, digging deep into the AOR style with instantly memorable riffs provided by the band’s namesake in Gregg Livesay whose guitar talents are superior delivering soaring leads and tasty riffs, strong, soulful vocals from Shawn, and songs steeped in the qualities that make AOR such a powerful style, including fantastic group vocals. Tracks like “Slaved and Bound,” “Stop Believing,” “Leaving,” and “Frozen Hell” demonstrate a keen focus on structuring songs that are high energy drawing you in, as well as tapping into the immense talents of Livesay and Pelata, as well as drummer Tim Huntington, bassist Matt Mahoney, and keyboardist Anthony Stahl. There’s also a fantastic cover of the Rainbow classic “Since You Been Gone” giving Graham Bonnett a run for his money!

This could very well be my final album review of the year, and I can think of no better way to end such an astounding year of excellent releases than adding one more to the mix. Ironically, I started the year talking about Mr. Pelata’s musical endeavors, and I am finishing the year doing it again, this time with the band Livesay. Frozen Hell is an easy album to fall in love with, and I implore you to check it out.


Reviewer: Chris Martin

Rating:  9/10


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