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The Offering – The Offering Review

Released by:  Self Release

Release date 8th February 2017

Genre: Heavy Metal

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Line Up:

Alexander Vice – Vocals

Daniel Martinez – Guitar

Nishad George – Guitar

Steve Finn – Drums

YoavRuiz-Feingold – Bass (session player)



01. Rat King

02. Tales of Hell

03. The Offering

04. The Well

05. Witch Pit


This the debut EP for The Offering is a combination of aggressive riffs and soloing. And includes the bellowing air-raid sirens to low growls, backed to pounding bass and thunderous drumming. The Tampa Bay based heavy metal band, The Offering, presents you with the next mutation of the metal music.

With origins across the US, the group is a modern classic. The band features impressive vocal range and harmony, face melting guitar riffs, and adept instrumental compositions. Combining the raw power of classic metal, and the clean execution of current music, this band is a force to be reckoned with.

Alex Richichi from Syracuse NY is the band’s front man. Threatening to dethrone the great vocalists of metal, he brings an impressive talent to an established genre.  He provides an outstanding combination of almost unlimited vocal range and a vast harmonic arrangements.

Dan Martinez is the band’s technical powerhouse. Hailing from Mexico City, Daniel’s intense riffs and talented song writing ability brings the modern flavor to the Metal genre. Dan epitomizes the classic ideas behind The Offering.

Nishad George from San Francisco is the band’s X-factor. Fusing a creative soundscape to the metal chassis of the group, he elevates the band into a class of  its own. Featuring creative riffs and sounds, along side a machine like execution, Nishad embodies the uniqueness of the ensemble.

Steve Finn from South Shore Massachusetts is the band’s structural backbone. His playing incorporates his progressive roots, agile hands and feet. His musical approach brings the instrumental compositions to new heights.

Recently the band completed a tour with the Genitorturers and are about to release their debut EP on February 8th. The EP was recorded at the Grammy Award winning Edie Roads Studio (Argyle NY) and has been mixed by Andrè Alvinzi and mastered by Jens Bogrenat from the world renowned Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

It is clear that the band’s sound is influenced by bands such as Judas Priest, Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath and Dethklok.The Offering’s genre is not my cup of tea but these guys are great musicians. Their EP is a good debut. The band is filled with energy and the heavy metal additude you would expect in their music and style. It will even make those old school metal addicts smile with happiness. The release will be available on all digital platforms — including; iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and GooglePlay. On February 1st, The Offering will release a video for their new single, “The Well,” in anticipation of the release of their debut EP.


Ratings: 8/10      

Written by: Valeria Campagnale 


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