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Vibrant Heels – Driven Review

Released by: Self Release

Release Date:10 February 2017

Genre: Alternative Rock / Metal

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Line Up

Jordan Jolicoeur – Vocals

Alex Bussières – Guitar

Manuel Allaire-Durand – Drums

Alex Rancourt – Bass & Back Vocals



01. Royal Mud

02. Soak It Up

03. Running Girls

04. Vibrant Heels

05. Trick It

06. Sun Goddess

07. Bad Milk


Vibrant Heels is an Alternative Rock / Metal band from Lévis, Quebec, Canada. “Driven” is their debut album which was self produced and self distributed and it will be released on 10th February 2017.

With this album, the band reminds me of the likes of Deftones, Royal Blood and Tool. However, their own style with heaviness & groovy rhythms makes them very distinctive.

They have been influenced by different kind of music such as Rock, Jazz, Metal, Prog and Noise. Vibrant Heels has a bit of mixed/fusion sound to their music and on this album it seems to have worked.

The band is part of the new metal wave, which through other influences provides this genre with a breath of fresh air.

“Driven” contains seven tracks, one more powerful than other. The album is open by “Royal Mud”, which provides the listener with some really good vibes.

“Soak It Up” follows in the same vein and as does the third track “Running Girls”.

“Vibrant Heels” maintains hard sound which is a bit of a break from the first three tracks.

“Trick It” is enriched with heavy guitars and voice, is similar to the previous track.

“Sun Goddess” it’s a good piece it fuses funky and rock rocks sounds.

Closing off  this album is “Bad Milk” which reminds me a bit of the Red Hot Chili Peppers being similar in style, a sort of funk-metal-rock sounds mixed together.

With this album, Vibrant Heels provides us a fresh alternative hard rock sound.  Well done guys.

Rating: 8/10      

Written by: Valeria Campagnale

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