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Osukaru – The Labyrinth Review

Released by: City Of Lights Records

Release date: 24 March 2017 

Genre: Melodic Rock | AOR | Progressive Rock



Line up:

Vidar Mårtensson – Drums
Lisa Eugenia – Keyboards, Vocals
Olof Gadd – Bass
Fredrik Werner – Vocals, Guitars
Oz Osukaru – Guitars, Keyboards



01.Maze Of Mind
02.The Stories We Tell
03.Voices In The Dark
04.Edge Of Night
05.It’s Only Forever
06.Voodoo (Who Do?)
08.Undying Rose
09.The Offering
10.Moonlight Silhouette


Osukaru, the Sweden band formed in 2010, stays loyal to their melodic rock roots on their new album “The Labyrinth”. A strong punch of Adult Oriented Rock face, with more powerful guitars and more dramatic songwriting.

A beautiful work inspired by the film “Labyrinth”(1986), adventure musical fantasy film made by Jim Henson, produced by George Lucas with David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King, the ruler of the Goblins. This album is an homage to that beautiful movie where the band overcame themselves with powerful melodies.

“Maze Of Mind” a short intro opens the album and the follower “The Stories We Tell” has a gorgeous theme that returns us to the 80’s. A duo of vocals is featured in the excellent “Voices In The Dark” and killer guitar as an intro. “Edge Of Night” a synth intro for such heavy song bodes well, introducing a beautiful voice, and powerful guitar ‘Its Only Forever’, so 80’s, “Voodoo (Who Do?)” another old-fashioned hard rock sound for this thrilling song. “The Offering” which is another strong moment out of the new record. “Poisonous” a very short piece and in such short of time, can transport us to the magical world. “Undying Rose” it’s a magical song, a very good track that takes me back to 80’s again, such a great feeling for this emotional song. “The Offering”, yet another heavy and powerful setting, great vocals and guitars.

“The Labyrinth” is very well done an album that let us imagine the original story, book, and movie as well,  as viewers and listeners take off on a voyage through a rock key.

As lovers of this brilliant A.C.H. Smith book together with the movie, I just love this album and the Osukaru version and point of view. “Labyrinth” is a place where everything is possible and the band dared a great theme and who knows, maybe The Thin White Duke is clapping to it above us.

Recommended for fans of Magnum, Ten, Whitesnake, Saraya, new Europe.

“The Labyrinth” will be available on CD and digital download (via City of Lights Records / Membran Entertainment Group), vinyl (via Blastzone Entertainment) and as a limited edition collector’s box set only available at Source:


Reviewed by Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 10/10


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