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The Fill Ins – The Time Is Now Review

Released By: No Profit Records

Release Date: June 30. 2017



Line Up:

Alex Stiff – Vocals & Guitar
Mikey Black – Lead Guitar
James “Captain” Nunn – Bass
Adam Patterons – Drums



1. Sinners Choice
2. Lock And Load
3. It’s A Blast
4. Gold Digger
5. Feelin’ Good
6. Hate
7. Saturday Night (2017 Remix)
8. Hit The Gas


Hallelujah brothers and sisters! The Fill Ins are back!!! Charlotte NC’s fantastic rock and roll combo have been slugging it out in the studio, hammering out a brand new album and it is finally approaching its release date, and as a huge fan of theirs, I couldn’t be more excited! Back in 2014 when they released their debut full-length album Hipster Killers, my love of their distinct brand of high octane, unabashed hard rock and roll blew my mind. So much so it was on my Top 5 list for Album of the Year that year.

Returning off the heels of 2015’s 5th Time’s the Charm, an equally killer release, a handful of EP’s, and a slew of live shows, The Fill Ins are back and better than ever. The Time Is Now is an appropriate title, as the time very well could be now for the quartet. Joining the already established trio of Alex Stiff on guitars/vocals, Mikey Black lead guitar, and James “Captain” Nunn on bass is new drummer Adam Patterson who also beats the skins for Deadlock NCHC. The Fill In’s are more known for their fast tempo rock sound, but with the addition of Patterson it has added an extra level of heaviness to that massive rocking vibe they have. It’s still 100% their true sound. With tracks like first single/video “Lock and Load,” “Gold Digger,” and “Hit the Gas” The Time Is Now is 22 minutes of catchy sing-along, foot stomping and head bouncing, good time in your face rock and roll.

The late, great Lemmy started off many of their shows with, “We are Motorhead, and we play rock and roll.” The Fill Ins are in that same vein. Despite a harder delivery and that DIY punk spirit, at their very core they are a rock and roll band. Few bands are able to capture that live show vibe on an album, but without a doubt, The Fill Ins have done just that with The Time Is Now. So hit the gas and get your ass to your nearest record store (or online shop) and get this one! It’s a scorcher!


Written by: Chris Martin

Rating: 10/10


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