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Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate Review

Label:  Century Media Records

Release Date:  October 27, 2017

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Dave Silver – Lead vocals & guitars
Sam S Junior – Guitars & vocals    
Mira Slama – Bass & vocals  
Andrea Gorio – Drums



Hands Of Fate
Wing & A Prayer
Blood Red Road
Lay Down Your Arms
Solar Corona
Eat Your Heart Out
Last Confession
The Crucible
Out Of Time


It has been three years since Savage Messiah released the critically acclaimed album “The Fateful Dark” and, since then, two members of the band (lead Guitarist Joff Bailey and Bassist Stefano Selvatico) have departed. Changing record companies at the same time as finding new members of a band must have been a very challenging period, however, a new album has arrived. I have really enjoyed their material to date so I was a little apprehensive when I played “Hands Of Fate”.

So, how do you record a fourth album and maintain the quality? The first thing I would say is the material is much more anthemic than before. The ten tracks on this album are full of harmonies and melodies and there is never a dull moment. Savage Messiah have eased off on the Thrash and headed into a much more solid hard metal area. The opening track “Hands Of Fate” starts the album quietly until it explodes into a guitar driven epic which I know will become a live favorite. The brilliant “Blood Red Road” is where the band are at their heaviest with the two new members (Sam S Junior Guitar and Bassist Mira Slama) clearly fitting into the band very well. Every song on the album has great vocals by Dave Silver and he excels on “Lay Down Your Arms” and the album closer “Out Of Time”. The whole band seems to have gelled though special mention needs to go to the outstanding guitar work by Sam S Junior.

This album will appeal to Savage Messiah fans who have been there since the very beginning and should attract a new and much wider audience. Currently, they are touring with “Cradle Of Filth” in the UK and going down a storm. I had no need to feel any apprehension whatsoever, this band have kicked on and made, for me, the best album of their career.


Written by: Simon Kneller

Ratings: 9/10


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