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Speedblow – When Giants Walked The Earth Review

Released by: Self-release

Release date: 23 October 2017

Genre: Doom/Stoner




John Tsiakopoulos – Guitars
Costas Papaspyrou – Guitars
John Davaris – Drums
Nick Fenerlis – Vocals
Marios Methenitis – Bass


Track Listing:

1 Valhalla’s Son

2 Kingdom of Despair

3 To Feel Alive

4 To Cross the Black

5 Flames of Fear

6 Last March of the Ents

7 Ruler of the Void

8 When Giants Walked the Earth

9 Worshipers of Crom


Speedblow is a Greek stoner/doom metal group, which started up during 2009 and soon released their first self-titled promo EP. Only 500 copies were printed at the band’s expense and given away during live shows to fans and the press. During the same year, the band started work on their first album, “Fields Of Doom”. And this was subsequently was released in 2010, via Trailblazer Records.

In 2013, after a 2-year break, the band made some changes to the line-up. Shortly there after they released the 2-track EP “Resurrection”. This, during 2014 was followed by their second album “Behold the Darkness”.

This year, in October 2017 the band published the third album “When Giants Walked The Earth”, which is a self-release.

Listening to Speedblow’s new work, the energy is immediately noticeable. Which somehow distinguishes them from other Doom genre bands.

“When Giants Walked The Earth” has good, dense, persistent guitar riffs. It is almost as if there is a battle between the two guitarists, John Tsiakopoulos and Costas Papaspyrou.

Nick Fenerlis’ voice provides a lot of heaviness to this album. His voice is pretty suited to the genre as he ranges between a deep voice, screams as well as drifting between different metal vocal styles.

As is apparent with every Doom/stoner band, the rhythm section is powerful. Marios Methenitis’ bass and John Davaris’ drums add something different, a very particular way to ease through the rhythm. You will not tire or lose your appetite to listen to all the tracks on this album. “When Giants Walked The Earth”, is definitely an album which includes good musicians, realistic heavy sounds, and passion.

Speedblow, with this album, will soon make you a convert of this genre.

Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Rating: 8/10

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