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Witching Season take us to the Melencholy Disco with the new single from their debut album





Wayne Summers : Percussion
Tom Reynolds : Guitars/Vox
Gary Summer : Bass

Witching Season have just released their brand new single ‘Melencholy Disco’.  This is the first single from their highly anticipated  debut album which is due out in September.

New track ‘Melencholy Disco’ showcases the band high octane ability to cruise the fine line between up-tempo rhythm sections and hypnotic vocals creating a beautifully chaotic blend of rock n roll. 

[First Impressions: Adrian Hextall]

Opening with a solid bass line mixed in with a modicum of fuzz tones, Reynolds vocals, paying homage to Ozzy and early Sabbath open up to encompass a mix of ranges supplemented by a doom laden drum pattern from Wayne Summers.

On the hook and the chorus, the vocals blend a little to offer more to the unsuspecting listener and it’s there where the track really grabs you firmly by the wedding tackle and drags you round the room until you accept, live, breathe and ultimately embrace Witching Season and their melancholy disco. If you need further convincing, check this out as well:

It really opens the mind to the possibilities of what the band might offer next and if you’ve yet to see them play, they have a gig later this week in the heart of South East London.

UK Dates

Witching Season play New Cross Inn in London On July 19th


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