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Orange Goblin – The Wolf Bites Back Review

Released by: Spinefarm Records

Release date: Out Now!

Genre: Hard rock / metal



Line up:
Ben Ward – Vocals
Joe Hoare – Guitar
Martyn Millard – Bass
Chris Turner – Drums


1. Sons of Salem
2. The Wolf Bites Back
3. Renegade
4. Swords of Fire
5. Ghosts of The Primitives
6. In Bocca Al Lupo
7. Suicide Division
8. The Stranger
9. Burn the Ships
10. Zeitgeist


London heavy metal veterans Orange Goblin are back with their (counts on fingers) ninth studio
Album, The Wolf Bites Back. Formed in 1995, these guys have been going long enough to know the music they like to play and the direction they want to take. Opening with their first single from the album, “Sons of Salem,” you get a feeling of the direction this LP wants to take. With strong heavy riffs from the start, this album is bursting with tracks that deserve to be played live and loud. The title track continues where “Sons of Salem” left off, with more face melting riffs and a bass line that needs a huge backline to give it the presence it deserves. “Renegade” is more of the same from Orange Goblin, before a curveball is thrown in the form of “Swords of Fire.” With more dirge and heaviness than the previous three tracks combined, “Swords of Fire” is almost black metal standards, and Ben Ward’s voice compliments it perfectly.

With a title like “Ghosts of The Primitives,” you would expect that it would follow the same musical vein as the preceding track except, it doesn’t. It’s lighter and has an almost blues feel to the intro although listening to the lyrics gives away the tracks dark side. Talking of dark sides, “Suicide Division” is a punky shouty little number which explores the darkest of all subjects, death. This, played live, will get the pits going for a quick two minutes of mayhem.
Things lighten up again for “The Stranger,” again with a blues rock feel. This genre really brings out the softer gravellier vocals of Ben, and at almost 6 minutes long, there is plenty of time for him to show both the softer and stronger sides of his voice.

“Burns the Ships” is probably my favourite track on the album, with a classic metal riff running through it and a nice long intro to get you in the mood, this is a singalong track, with some complex but ultimately catchy lyrics all at a tempo that means you can both hear and sing along to with ease. The Wolf Bites Back finishes with “Zeitgeist,” which somehow pulls the album together nicely. This is a thoroughly an enjoyable album, and at 42 mins, is also the perfect length. Not too much as to wear you out, but just enough to make you go and listen to it again. Admittedly it did take me a couple of listens to get to grasp with this album, but it’s worth the effort, and this is one album I’ll definitely come back to.


Written by: Kalli Isborne

Rating: 8 /10

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