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Endseeker – The Harvest Review

Release by Metal Blade Records

Release Date: September 13th, 2019

Genre: Death Metal



Lenny – Vocals

Ben – Guitars

Torsten – Bass

Andre – Drums

Jury – Guitars



1. Parasite

2. Pulse

3. Cure

4. Spiritual Euphoria

5. Whores Of War

6. The Harvest

7. Epitome Of Decadence

8. Immortalized

9. Vicious Devourer

10. Symphony Of Destruction (bonus track)



Metal Blade Records presents the second full length of the Death Metal band Endseeker. Formed in 2014 in Hamburg, Germany, the five-piece act debuted with the acclaimed “Flesh Hammer Prophecy” two years ago. Their major influence seems to be the classic Swedish death metal scene, even though various music elements can be easily identified in their compositions. Despite their short discography, Endseeker has created an amount of interesting and compact songs. With these nine new tracks, the German act gives the impression of a mature professional band despite the recent formation of the team.

The record starts off with an aggressive, brutal death metal assault, composed by the tracks “Parasite” and “Pulse”. Endseeker shows that they can create good quality mid-tempo songs like “Cure” with interesting melodic elements and an insane guitar solo and “Whores Of War” which combines exceptional heavy guitar riffs and melodies. “Spiritual Euphoria” is another straightforward death metal track with a catchy hook, but as the listening continues, there are more different music parts to identify which show the various influences of the band.

It’s time for the title track which includes an intro part with black metal sounds followed by thrash guitar riffs and a more melodic interlude. Here the vocals are pretty brutal, and the mid-tempo “Epitome Of Decadence” that follows, has also a thrash metal direction. It’s time though to return to a classic death metal sound with “Immortalized”, a really brutal piece with a catchy hook and lyrics, but also a surprisingly melodic interlude. The final song “Vicious Devourer” is another pure death melody with some black metal parts.

Endseeker has chosen to do a cover of “Symphony Of Destruction” of the legendary Megadeth as a bonus track of their new album, even though the song is practically identical to the original in a lower and heavier tone with death vocals instead.

With “The Harvest”, Endseeker has created nine brand new tracks that can be listened in one breath. This record is a sample of high-quality straightforward death metal music, with an effective combination of music parts of other metal genres. There are no originality elements in this album, but still, the good music prevails. Even though the lyrics are referred to themes like suicide, the final result is easy listening and fun record. Maybe the cover song wasn’t necessary, a new song would have been better, some fans of the titans of thrash metal would not be so happy listening to it.


Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer


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