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Suicide Silence – Become The Hunter Review

Released by Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date: February 14th, 2020

Genre : Deathcore, Death Metal


Line -up:

Eddie Hermida – Vocals

Chris Garza – Guitars

Mark Heylmun – Guitars

Dan Kenny – Bass

Alex Lopez – Drums



1. Meltdown

2. Two Steps

3. Feel Alive

4. Love Me To Death

5. In Hiding

6. Death’s Anxiety

7. Skin Tight

8. The Scythe

9. Serene Obscene

10. Disaster Valley

11. Become The Hunter



Suicide Silence, a Californian Deathcore band formed back in 2002, are ready to release their sixth studio album labeled Nuclear Blast Records. These five highly talented musicians have created a band that has become a reference point for the fans of this genre throughout the years. It’s already known to the music community that Deathcore is a combination of Death Metal and Metalcore and Suicide Silence have always created compositions full of elements from those two subgenres during their music career, so the eleven new tracks could not be an exception to this rule: death growls and blast beats mixed with melodies and breakdowns can be easily identified by the listener.

The American quintet has always been fashioned by grief, anger and overwhelming despair in the aftermath of tragedy. Their most famous studio work is entitled “You Can’t Stop Me”, a tribute to the idea of strength to adversity, the resurrection of the band following original frontman’s Mitch Lucker passing in 2012. The new record is entitled “Become The Hunter” as an expression of resilience and perseverance through loss, personal demons and defeat. Even though their previous self-titled release hasn’t had the desirable impact on critics and fans, Suicide Silence has clearly moved on to the next step with these brand new compositions. The band shows a different profile with loud, aggressive and good quality music in addition to great technical abilities and sound.
The two minutes instrumental intro “Meltdown” is a great sample of the technical death metal of Suicide SIlence and has an immediate impact on the listener by creating a major interest for the following tracks. The next two tunes “Two Steps” and “Feel Alive” could be defined as pure pieces of the band’s classic sound. Moreover, “Skin Tight” has a relatively slower pace than the rest of the album, but it opens up to a storming riff which could be an absolute pleasure for a deathcore devoted fan. “Love Me To Death” could be considered as the absolute highlight of this release, basically due to the consistency of the vocals: Eddie Hermida’s interpretation on this track sounds really asphyxiating, but strangely pleasant and satisfying.

Every song on this record has its own character and style, with aggressive vocals, impressive drum parts, and pounding riffs. Tunes like “In Hiding”, “Death’s Anxiety”, “The Scythe”, “Serene Obscene” and “Disaster Valley” could individually please the listener. The title track ends up the record in a nice way with its faster, heavier vibe.

“Become The Hunter” could definitely be defined as a career savior for Suicide Silence, a great piece of advanced technical Deathcore, which will re-establish the American band’s role in the music scene after some missteps they have taken in the past. Even though there are no originality or innovation elements, this is a solid, concrete new record, highly recommended for the devoted deathcore followers. It’s a selective album, maybe not suitable for listeners with a preference for more variety of sound, fewer restrictions, and a tendency to more melodic bands of the genre.


Ratings: 7/10

Written by: Katerina Paisoglou

My Global Mind – Staff Writer


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