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Daniele Mazza – Immortals Review

Released by: Limb Music

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Symphonic Power Metal



Line Up:

Daniele Mazza – Keyboards, Composition, Arrangements, Production & Engineering
Sara Squadrani – Vocals on “Time to Go”
Chiara Di Mare – Choir Vocals
Claudio Pietronik – Solo Guitar



1. Immortals
2. Believe in Dreams
3. The Floating Fortress of the Rising Sun
4. In the Heart of Battle
5. Darkest Night
6. Takyo’s Secret Force
7. Time to Go (feat Sara Squadrani)
8. The Wave of Destiny
9. Riding the Dragon
10. Beyond the Horizon
11. Time to Go


This has got to be one of the biggest sounding albums of LIMB MUSIC since the days of RHAPSODY. DANIELE MAZZA is a gifted Italian composer who is also part of the Symphonic Power Metal band ANCIENT BARDS, and via his fascination for big movie scores of HANS ZIMMER, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, Classical Music/Opera and the musical THE LION KING, he always wanted to create a symphonic move score like album and now his dreams are fullfilled with the wonderful first solo album Immortals. This album sounds like a big Hollywood movie-score, including a full blown orchestra like bombastic Wagnerish sound, so it could easily fit a movie a la Gladiator or Pearl Harbor. The only difference is the fact that Daniele created it almost all on his own through his keyboardwork.

He composed, produced, arranged and engineered all of the 13 included songs, while as guests we can hear on 1 song SARA SQUADRANI, CHIARA DI MARE for the choir vocals and CLAUDIO PIETRONIK plays the beautiful melodic soaring guitarsolos we can hear here and there. All together this album sounds massive and extremely bombastic, so if you’re a fan of HANS ZIMMER, then you should get this album a.s.a.p. I loved the huge sound and the way it connects the worlds of Classical Music/Wagner/Opera, Hollywood Movie Blockbusters and neo-classical symphonic melodic metal (NIGHTWISH/MALMSTEEN/ROYAL HUNT/STRATOVARIUS/RHAPSODY).

Daniele is an amazingly talented composer, who definitely is up there in the ultimate upper league of modern day composers in a way BEETHOVEN and WAGNER were in the 19th century, so are HANS ZIMMER, VINCE DICOLA, JOHN WILLIAMS and Daniele the ultimate composers for this kind of bombastic instrumental music nowadays.


Written by: Gabor Kleinbloesem

Ratings: Gabor   9/10


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