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Crashdïet – Automaton Review

Label: Crusader Records

Genre: Sleaze Metal

Release Date EU: April 29th, 2022


Line Up:

Gabriel Keyes – vocals
Martin Sweet – guitars
Peter London – bass
Eric Young – drums



Together Whatever
Shine On
No Man’s Land
Darker Minds
Dead Crusade
Powerline (feat. Michael Starr)
Resurrection of the Damned
We Die Hard
Shell Shock
I Can’t Move On (Without You)



One of the big players in Sweden’s glam rock scene is Crashdïet. The band was founded back in 2000 and in a way is a kind of a new century with roots in the ‘80s. Sleaze- and glam are the source of inspiration for the band that not only had a look on the sunny side of life. Crashdïet went through a rough patch just when the time was right to take off.

After having released their debut ‘Rest in Sleaze’ a strike of fate hit the band. Frontman Dave Lepard committed suicide. This was a shock for Crashdïet and the guys decided to stop with the band. Encouraged by fans, and Lepards’ mother, the band decided to go for a restart in 2007. After a shorter intermezzo with singer Olli Herman Kosunen, the band found in Simon Cruz the perfect frontman in 2009, at least for a few years.

The next punch in the face for the band was when their manager Michael Sundén passed away due to a serious head injury caused by falling during a tour the band played with Saxon in North America. But Crashdïet is a band that doesn’t give up and although sailing through a heavy sea, the guys moved on. Listening to their newest album ‘Automaton’ shows that all these decisions have been the right ones.

‘Automaton’ features twelve powerful sleaze rock songs, odes to a genre that boomed in the ‘80s. There is a lot of Skid Row, L.A. Guns,… weaved into songs like the roaring ‘Resurrection of the Damned’. Melodies, heaviness, and some street credibility are what make each of the songs a great hard rock anthem. These twelve songs are an excellent soundtrack for a solid rock’n’roll party.

Being inspired by the glorious days of L.A.-rooted sleaze rock, the quartet hits the ball out of the ballpark with each of the songs the records for the album. ‘Automaton’ acts hereby as the intro and hands over the baton to ‘Together Whatever’. What is remarkable right away is that Gabriel Keyes voice, the current singer, fits perfectly with Crashdïet’s music. Rough and unpolished, the voice has its own identity that adds to the hard rock vibe the quartet creates.

Furthermore, there is the bombastic ‘No Man’s Land’, equipped with a very dense sound, and there is the hard-hitting ‘Dead Crusade’, all sounds being a delight for hard rockers. Last but not least to mention is ‘Powerline’, a song the quartet gets support from Michael Starr (Steel Panther). The moderately paced rocker is a cool one with two voices being in perfect harmony.

Crashdïet had to go through some tough times and fate didn’t spoil the guys so far. Still, it was good to get over all these hurdles of life and move on since ‘Automaton’ is one of the best hard-rocking sleaze metal albums in years. Let’s get the party started.


Written by: Markus Wiedenmann

Ratings:  (9/10)


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