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Painside – Dark World Burden

Released by Inner Wound Recordings – 2010

Review Added January 25, 2010

Release By: Inner Wound Recordings March 2nd 2010
Run Time: 42:58
Style: Modern Heavy Metal

1. Ignite The Fire**
2. Where Darkness Rules**
3. Collapse The Lies**
4. The Deviant
5. The Dark World**
6. Sand Messiah
7. Forsaken
8. Serpent’s Tongue
9. The Edge**
10. Martyr
11. Redeemers In Blood
Hot Tracks**

Vocals – Guilherme Sevens
Guitar – Carlos Saione
Guitar – Daemon Ross
Drums – André Andrade
Bass – Marcelo Val
Additional Musicians : Chris Boltendahl [Grave Digger], Gus Monsanto [Revolution Renaissance, ex. Adagio] and Renato Tribuzy [Tribuzy]

Brazil will be forever known amongst the rock & metal community as the birthplace of the almighty Sepultura. Sure there’s been a handful of other great bands, but Max and co. have been the main exports. Stepping in for their turn is all-new band PAINSIDE. I went into listening to this album knowing absolutely nothing about the band minus the small bio they have on their Myspace.
Even though the bio was quite brief, it really did manage to sum the bands sound up pretty well. PAINSIDE play a brand of modern heavy metal that owes as much to Iron Maiden and the likes as it does to bands like Disturbed.

The combination works better than what it probably should, and gives the band a very unique sound. A majority of the vocals are sung in high pitch a-la Bruce Dickinson, whilst the guitar riffs interchange between down-tuned chugs and dual guitar lead attacks straight out of the NWOBHM movement. Imagine Bruce Dickinson singing for Disturbed and you have a fair idea what’s going on here. If PAINSIDE receive enough exposure I am sure they are destined for great things, as there is enough of each element of old & new to bridge the gap for fans of both styles. There isn’t a weak track on the album, but maybe the least favorite for me was MARTYR, which features some mild growl vocals which I don’t normally mind, but feels out of place here.

Opening track IGNITE THE FIRE is a great way to start the album as it shows both elements gelling together and the vocal delivery is very Halford-esque as are the lyrics. WHERE DARKNESS RULES calls upon the influence of MACHINE HEAD in the riff department and is a definite highlight for me. COLLAPSE THE LIES is definitely the best song on the album to show what the band is all about and has a sound reminiscent of DISTURBED. THIS DARK WORLD is old-school all the way, with a great classical guitar verse which kicks into a powerhouse chorus featuring probably the best vocal delivery of the album. THE EDGE is another late album highlight that brings to mind a bit of black album era METALLICA mixed with GOTTHARD, an interesting mix that somehow really works.

If your looking for something a little different be sure to check PAINSIDE out. If you’re still not sold on the review, at least be sure to check out the samples on their Myspace page and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Written by Zeezee

Ratings Zeezee  8/10

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