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Bitchfire – Bitchfire

Independent Release

Release Date: Out Now
Label: Independent Release
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Robbie Plast : Bass
Eddie D. : Drums, Percussion
Donny Sutton-Brown : Guitar
Sharyn Peach : Vocals

1. Headlines**
2. Fly High
3. Pleasure Is Pain
4. Bitchfire**
5. Found Me Again**
6. Toxi Waster
7. Vampire
8. Breathe**
9. Selfish Heart
10. Run To You
**Hot Tracks

Catching up on some past releses we decided to dig into Bitchfire, the feisty record from the Florida rockers who make no apologies when it comes to their sound. Bitchfire burst into the South Florida music scene in 2006 and with their straight ahead heavy hard rock approach stamped their marked in the local scene down there. Their style has been described as Lita Ford meets Whitesnake, with the leading vocals of front lady Sharyn Peach and the strong riffs of Donny Sutton. One thing that the band brings to the table is they don’t really take themselves too seriously and with that approach the music sorta comes to them naturally. The sound is pure American old school Hard Rock with a bottom heavy Heavy Metal approach.

Right away to notice the in your face attitude of the title track “Headlines” as Peach takes full control of the song while Sutton adds a heavy bottom guitar riff to make the leading track a memorable one. Another heavy hitter is the mind plastering “Pleasure Is Pain” as once again the band punches through without mercy on another top cut. The rather direct and explicit lyrics in the title track “Bitchfire” shows that relentless menace that the band displays, I can see any angry teenage girl relating to this track as it woozes by with another tight solo. Perhaps the strongest effort shows up on “Breathe” with a pile driver riff and Peach coming forrward once more with some feisty lyrics.

At first when I received the promo I was thinking to myself, wait are these guys serious? It seemed like a joke with the over the top costumes and cheesy cover pictures. But as soon as the music started playing, all worries swelled aside and the strong production and blasting metal riffs ripped through my speakers. Then I realized the “attitude” the band was talking about. Bitchfire is more then a fashion statement, the band is tight as hell, leading lady Sharyn Peache has a kick ass voice that let’s her energy translate into the lyrics and along with the supporting cast they display a showcase of pure attitude and aggression all rolled into one.
Written by Denys

Ratings Denys  8/10

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