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Sourmash – Fine Aged Spirits

Released By : Self Released

Genre: Texas Rock

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Trevor Batson – Vocals, Guitar

Joey Lynn – Bass

George Leonard – Drums


1. Reap It

2. Irony And Paradox

3. Brand New Ride

4. Into The Abyss

5. Stoned

6. Soureggae

7. Endless Effort

8. Penny For Your Thoughts

9. Down in Mexico

10. Righteous

If ever there was a band that came across my desk that encapsulated the Texas vibe with everything they did it would have to be SOURMASH. Everything from the bands name, the album name, the album artwork and all the way down to the picture in the centre of the bands promo sheet that features a big-bearded dude screaming down a microphone, this is no-bullshit Texas rock music.

That’s not to say that the word ‘rock’ in itself is enough to describe the style of music to be found on FINE AGED SPIRITS, there is also elements of electric blues, soul, funk and pure southern rock that while can sometimes be a little bit incohesive for its own good, is most of the time really fun to listen to.

Take for example opening track REAP IT that starts with an intro straight out of the Stevie Ray Vaughan songbook and actually opens up into a very funky roots based tune. Or BRAND NEW RIDE which is a seven minute electric blues jam tune that is a heap of fun. There is a real stand out tune about half way through the album in SOUREGGAE which, as you can probably gather from the title is a reggae based tune with some roots mixed in and reminds me Australian roots mainstays JOHN BUTLER TRIO. I also very much enjoyed the slow soulful vibe of ENDLESS EFFORT which has a bit of a RICHIE KOTZEN vibe running through it.

FINE AGED SPIRITS is a pretty good album from a band that has zero identity issues and knows one hundred percent what it is they are going for and know how to execute it with style. There was a couple of slight hiccups for me personally and a couple of tunes seemed to try and blend too many different elements together, but all in all I was very pleased with the album and have no hesitation in recommending it anybody that is into the whole Texas sound.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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