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The New Black – II Better In Black

Released by: AFM Records

Release Date: April19th, 2011

Genre: Hard Rock


Line Up:

Fludid – Vocals

Christof Leim – Guitars

Fabian Schwarz – Guitars

Günt Auschrat – Bass

Chris Weiß – Drums


01. Better In Black

02. The King I Was

03. Batteries & Rust

04. Downgrade

05. Into Modesty

06. Altar Boys

07. Happy Zombies

08. My Favorite Disease

09. Fading Me Out

10. When It All Ends

11. Last Chance To Throw Dirt

12. Sun Cries Moon

Call it a weekly edition of some southern inspired metal, with Texas Hippie Coaliton review added on this revision as well this humble sometimes is spawned by that old southern sounding steel that only chunky guitars bring to the table. The sophomore release by the German quintet The New Black is certifiably some good old Americana modern metal with hints of Alter Bridge and most recently the kick ass record by the band Logan. These guys already have played some big time gigs including opening up for the mighty AC/DC in front of 65,000 insane fans, supported Alter Bridge on a sold-out German tour, played alongside Volbeat and Black Label Society and guest starred at Wacken and at Rock Am Ring.

With plenty of experience you think the future is bright for these Germans, and what is most interesting is that these guys sound like they just came of the Lone Star state they way they play. Following on the success of their debut, the unit kicked up the an-tie on their sophomore release “II Better In Black”. I gotta be honest because some of these bands get some over hyped by PR and press releases sometimes you expect way too much from a record. I kinda expected something otherworldly, but instead got nothing more then some status quo modern Hard Rock with a powerful voice leading the way in front man Fludid.

You will hear some interesting mix of European Hard Rock and some modern post American Metal inspired flashes in tracks like the speedy showcase of “Downgrade” which is a favorite cut of mine. Even harmonicas guest start on the more attitude driven tune “Altar Boys” which churns along nicely. I couldn’t help but to be reminded some old school Krokus material on the song “My Favorite Disease” a mix of some BLS and Danzig toppled into a metal jar. You will hard press to find that most of the songs on this one follow the same formula, heavy dirty metal similar to the bands already mentioned, which in part didn’t make me get too sucked into the music itself. A little more variance would of helped this release. Although I have to mention the sweet crunching groove of “Sun Cries Down’ which reminded me of some old school Armored Saint…something I thought I hear more of on the record.

The press release hinted at the band’ sound as cross mixed between Black Label Society and Nickelback, the truth is that they have kind of their own sound and integrate modern American hard rock with some more mainstream hooks and antics on the Metal side of things. Is a good listen a few times but i didn’t feel as I was listening to anything powerful in terms of the music composition itself. Some nice riffs with some high riser vocals help the band discreetly stamp their own sound which I think can be further developed. Check em out first and then you decide, I may come back to this one later on and see what else I can dig up on a few more spins.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   6/10

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