For All We Know – For All We Know

Pheww.....there's is plenty to try to swallow down on For All We Know debut project, now I know why it took years for the album to complete, you can...

Released by: Independent

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Progressive Rock


Line Up:

Wudstik Vocals

Kristoffer Gildenlöw Fretless Bassguitar, Backing vocals

Léo Margarit Drums

Thijs Schrijnemakers Hammond

Marco Kuypers Piano, Rhodes, Harmonium

Ruud Jolie Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Mandolin, Bass guitar and Backing vocals

Guest Musicians

Daniel Gildenlöw;

Vocals on Keep Breathing

Sharon den Adel: Vocals on Keep Breathing

Damian Wilson: Backing vocals, Vocals on Keep Breathing

Ruud Houweling: Vocals on Keep Breathing

Anke Derks: Vocals on Keep Breathing

Tom Sikkers: Vocals on Keep Breathing

John Wesley: Lead guitar on I Lost Myself Today

Richie Faulkner: Lead guitar on Busy Being Somebody Else

Camilla van der Kooij: Violin


Blind Me

Busy Being Somebody Else

Out of Reach

When Angels Refuse to Fly

I Lost Myself Today

Keep Breathing

Down On My Knees

Save us…


Tired and Ashamed

Open Your Eyes

Nothing more…

Ahh what we have here  huh? Lost in a pile of new additions to the MGM headquarters is the promo copy of a new project led by Rudd Jolie, the multi instrumentalist who has been pretty busy of recently playing with Maiden United and Within Temptation the very popular Symphonic Rock act. This project here feature a myriad of super talent from the progressive rock world, people like Daniel Gildenlow, Sharon Den Adel and DamianWilson lend they’re vocal talents on this interesting self titled debut for For All We Know.

This is one of those records that can be easily dismissed if not given multiple spins as they’re is plenty to digest from first spin. The meticulous dynamics here do bring flashes of Pain of Salvation in places but not as heavy. Let me further explain here, the softer progressive acoustic nuances mesh pretty well with the harder metal riffs in between each song, the swiftly unique of variation here makes the album very enjoyable upon a few spins. The intricate layering of passages, hooks and building dynamics breathe new life into each song, and even though the music is a grower it eventually transforms the overall mood of the record.

Take for instance the acoustic transfusion of “I Lost Myself Today” which bundles an emotionally peak atmosphere. Actually most of ht guest vocalists we mentioned earlier all guest on the wonderful track “Keep Breathing” which vocalists layering creates a beautiful humbling touch of humility and empathy. This particular song is the highlight of the album for me and it’s carousel of emotions puts it above anything else; and is only a mere 2 minutes long.

By far the most diverse and musically inspired track on this album is “Down On My Knees”, all the progressive elements are used in unison creating a multi-layering ocean of force and grace, on this epic 9 minute oasis you hear a multitude of rhythm shifting and professional playing form great musicians.

Pheww…..there’s is plenty to try to swallow down on For All We Know debut project, now I know why it took years for the album to complete, you can easily tell each song was carefully crafted to give birth to truly unique melodies and melting pot of talents. This is good progressive rock/metal in spots without being too monotonous. I like the shorter songs on the album as they play out as a transition giving way to something of more grandeur, kinda like a concept album except this is not I suppose. Shades of the great Shadow Gallery come together only in structure and variation, not really in the sound or anything like that and of course Pain of Salvation also comes to the fold, especially in the soft vocal parts.

Amazing how the vision of one man Rudd clogged up his deepest corners of his creative juices to dish this out, is really hard to create anything unique anymore in the progressive world plus is hard for most listeners to digest stuff like this if not given proper time. I quite enjoyed this effort as it sounds modern but also diversely enough to peak my interest.A very recommended release to the curious and careful listener as it has plentiful elements to digest at first.

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys   8/10

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