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Trigon – 2011

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Progressive Rock, Instrumental Rock

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01.  Peitscht das kamel

02.  Roter Mond

03.  Spacechick strikes back

04.  Tueckischer Tonterror

05.  Wunder

06.  Tanzen

07.  Zensation

08.  Raff an Doerte

09.  Herz der Sonne

10.  Dekadenz und Korruption

11.  Fata Morgana

12.  Trommeltraum

13.  Kamasutra Debakel

Some bands plod along for years and years without getting discovered by a major audience, but that doesn’t always necessarily mean they don’t deserve one. This is especially true with psychedelic jazz jam band TRIGON who have been flying under the radar since way back in 1989. Don’t feel bad though if you’ve never heard of them…I hadn’t either up until I got my hands on this newly released limited edition digipak album that finds the latest line-up re-recording some of the songs from the bands past and adding a few more recently written songs so go with them.

Genre-wise, sheesh this is a hard one to define. It’s purely instrumental for starters and I guess you could basically call it instrumental progressive rock. But there is much more than that to the overall sound here which draws inspiration from genres like jazz fusion, acid rock, stoner rock, drone, krautrock and even relaxation music. The bands self-description as Heavy Zen Jazz is a pretty good summation of what’s going on here and it’s definitely music you need to tune yourself into properly to get the full effect.

For a three piece band there sure seems to be lot going on here, and it’s rare to find an album that really doesn’t need any vocals to get its message across, so I guess in that sense that the album is a resounding success. Finding a large fan base is something the band has struggled with over the journey and unfortunately I don’t see this album bucking the trend. That is in no way directed at the band though as they are simply awesome, it’s just that I know these kinds of albums are destined to be ignored by most people. Those of who however that are a little more open-minded that the general record buying schmoe would do well to check this one out, it’s a very exhilarating ride that never once gets boring and is almost hypnotic the longer it goes on.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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