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Young Blood – Transfusion

Released By : Angel Air Records

Genre : NWOBHM, Melodic Rock

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01.  Fantasy

02.  American Bride

03.  Run For Your Life

04.  Doin’ The Best That I Can

05.  Can’t Stop Rocking

06.  Talkin’ About L.O.V.E.

07.  Heartache

08.  Shine On

09.  Thunder In The Mountains

10.  Hold On To Love

11.  Your Money Or Your Life

12.  Good Time Tonight

13.  Dangerous Games

14.  Ray Gun (Shoot Me Like A)

15.  Shoulda Known Better

You’ve got to love labels like Angel Air Records, as without these guys and similar companies there is no chance stuff like this would be getting released these days. I mean really, how many instantly recognize the name YOUNG BLOOD and truly remember their music?…Not too many I would presume. The accompanying info with the album states that the band began in the early eighties during the establishment of the NWOBHM movement and had some minor success with an E.P on CONQUEST RECORDS and some pretty decent support slots for some of the more pronounced acts of the era.

YOUNG BLOOD where very, very close to inking a deal with BRONZE records when some personnel issues began tearing the band apart which eventually lead to them officially calling it a day and shelving the album they had recorded ready for their label debut. Now, some 25 or so years later the kind folks at Angel Air have combined the previously unreleased debut and the band’s earlier E.P together with a couple of unfinished demos and put it all into one package and called it TRANSFUSION.

Musically there is a few pretty good tracks to found here and the best ones are a sort of combination of TYGERS OF PAN TANG, THIN LIZZY and DEF LEPPARD with a little occasional hint of something a little heavier like TOKYO BLADE. The fact that they came to fruition in the U.K during the early eighties automatically sits them in with the NWOBHM crowd, but style wise this is closer to American influenced melodic rock in most places.

As with all Angel Air releases there is an informative booklet with some rare photos and a little bit of an insight of the band’s history. With that in mind TRANSFUSION is a tempting package that showcases yet another band that could have probably been household names if a few cards had of fallen a little differently. If you have enjoyed any of the previous Angel Air archive releases then take a look at the new YOUNG BLOOD release, if it’s up your alley there is definitely enough here to warrant a purchase.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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