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Veilside – This Time


Released by: Independent

Release Date:Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Rock


Line Up:

Tony Engel – Lead Vocals

Jon Badalamenti – Guitars & Vocals

Russ Odean – Guitars & Vocals

Bob “Cabo” Hilton – Bass

Ron Thomas – Drums, Percussion, & Vocals

There are still enough quality and original bands active in the USA, trust me! Everybody wants us to believe that the once original melodic rock/metal sound has completely vanished since 1991, but the past few years many new bands have popped up all around the USA playing original and more importantly, very melodic rock/hardrock/metal.

The 1990s was a very disturbing period with bands going either the Altrock direction or focus on playing nothing but covers. However, the 2000s saw a change in the music climate and the mainstream music became melodic again and now in the new 2010s decade the appreciation of 1980s rock and metal is huge and thanks to that a lot of new bands emerge and play this style. VEILSIDE are coming out of the Chicago area and although I thought they were more in the Progmetal style when looking at the cover of their CD ‘This time…’, they are in fact a pure Melodic Hardrockband with some heavy groovy Metalish guitar riffs.

Think of a combination of FIREHOUSE, TORA TORA, SKID ROW and TRIXTER, with a touch of the modern way of thinking (STONE SOUR, SHINEDOWN, ALTER BRIDGE…). The lead vocals are spot-on, because singer TONY ENGEL has an excellent voice, while the twin-guitarwork sounds pretty good too. 6 tracks are included and somehow the KANSAS cover “Dust in the wind” is very impressive despite the fact that covers are not my main interest when listening to an album, but VEILSIDE’s version of this classic is excellent uptempo Melodic Metal with Classic 1980s twinguitarwork a la STRYPER.

However the original tunes of the band are more important and they do sound really good, especially opener “Every time you call” and the semi-ballad “Along the way” that both sound like a cross between FIREHOUSE/TEER and ALTER BRIDGE/STONE SOUR. These guys surely know how to write a great catchy hook and a memorable melodic chorus in the classic American Hardrock/Metal tradition.

I am more than impressed by this excellent band, because their mini-CD sounds perfect at all aspects, vocally, instrumental, songwise and also the production/sound quality is top-notch. Despite the 1980s Hair Metal influences, the band does never sound dated or cliché tingled, thanks to some modern touches here and there, so who knows they might become the next big thing in the USA. Let’s hope this band reaches a lot of success in the near future, because they truly deserve it.

Written by Gabor

Ratings Gabor   8/10


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