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Dream Theater – A Dramatic Turn Of Events Review

Released By : Roadrunner Records

Genre : Progressive Metal

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1. On The Backs Of Angels
2. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
3. Lost Not Forgotten
4. This Is The Life
5. Bridges In The Sky
6. Outcry
7. Far From Heaven
8. Breaking All Illusions
9. Beneath The Surface

When you think about it, just the fact that DREAM THEATER were even able to record and release an album after the soap opera and drama they have been involved with lately is a pretty amazing feat. Many lesser bands would have likely folded or went on an extended hiatus, but DREAM THEATER saw fit to get right back into the swing of things, and with A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS it would seem as though it’s business as usual from the progressive metal juggernaut.

Okay so we’ll get one thing out of the way first…. Those that have been against the band, both critics and music listeners alike, will likely bash this album to pieces as there really isn’t anything here that you wouldn’t expect from any other DREAM THEATER release, but really these guys have never worried about what the detractors say and have always made music for themselves and their die-hard fans, not to conform to any standards set by mass opinion.

The general style of the album may surprise a few people as they have taken a bit of heaviness away that has been their focus over the last decade or so and have headed back toward a more hard rock feel. That’s not to say that album lacks balls though, far from it, but taking a bit of the heavier edge away has allowed for a more natural and melodic feel overall. With this element of cohesion and melody the album is probably more closely compared to either IMAGES AND WORDS or FALLING INTO INFINITY rather than say SYSTEMATIC CHAOS or BLACK CLOUDS & SILVER LININGS, but there is also a bit of a SIX DEGREES OF INNER TURBULENCE feel too. Some will think the less-heavy vibe to be a bad thing, but to me it makes for a much more well-rounded listening experience and one of the more enjoyable DREAM THEATER releases of recent times.

While we’re at it……what a find new drummer Mike Mangini has been for the band! I have to admit that I shared the views of those that though replacing Mike Portnoy to be an impossible task, but I can admit when I have been wrong as I was this time. Mangini is well up to the task at hand here and while his drumming may not seem a whole lot different from Portnoy from a technical standpoint you can’t deny that his underlying groove is a very vital part of what makes A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS such a pleasure to listen to. Once again the contribution from James Labrie needs to be mentioned because as much as there’s a division of people that don’t like his vocal style I can’t imagine any other vocalist singing on this album and making it sound as good as it does.

All in all, A DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS is a typical DREAM THEATER album that the haters will easily criticize, but fans of the band will enjoy every single of this recording. As usual the disc is filled with proggy time-signatures, seemingly random musical influences, highly technical musicianship and long songs, everything you could ever ask for from a DREAM THEATER album and a sure sign that there’s plenty of life left in the band yet.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 9/10

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