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Kaos – Validated In Blood Review

Released By : Malevolence Records

Genre : Thrash Metal

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Jason Darnell – Vocals

Stacey Murray – Guitars

Steve Brumbaugh – Guitars

Jesse Bellino – Drums

Chad Murphy – Bass



01. United We Kill

02. Internal Bleeding

03. Alive To Die

04. Blood Red Eyes

05. Kill On Command


Readers of this site may or may not remember I review I did back in 2010 for a lesser known bay area thrash metal act KAOS. The album was called THE PITS OF EXISTENCE, and I rated it with a whopping 9/10 score and proclaimed it to be one of the best thrash albums of the year. The album also included a track called LET GOD SORT THEM OUT, a tune that has remained in my regular shuffle since I first heard it. I was pleasantly surprised last week to find a parcel in the mailbox containing the all-new five track E.P from the band and I have spent quite a bit of time with it since.

Stylistically it is a natural progression from the band’s previous release, and follows thei musical ideals of mixing old-school thrash with modern relevancy. Once again I hear tips of the hat to TESTAMENT, SLAYER, EXODUS and MEGADETH, mixed with the slight modern overtones of the groovier acts like PANTERA, MACHINE HEAD and a tiny little bit of TRIVIUM. Musically this little E.P fires on all cylinders and the dual guitar attack of Stacey Murray and Steve Brumbaugh is an enticing combination that offers up some very classic thrash sounding riffery, and some of the more exciting speed metal-esque lead breaks you will hear all year. Vocalsit Jason Darnell is no slouch either, and once again shows that his range is perfectly suited for ripping the skin off your face, without having to resort to industiquishable gibberish like a lot of modern thrash singers feel the need to do.

The two openers UNITED WE KILL and INTERNAL BLEEDING are the most exciting elements of this release and certainly get the appetite going for a new album, which is hopefully not too far away. There is also a great little cover of VIO-LENCE classic KILL ON COMMAND, which aurally I must admit is more satisfying to listen to than the original is these days, so good work there too.

KAOS are still in my mind one of the most exciting non-major label thrash bands going around today. If you are yet to discover their unique yet familiar feeling approach to one of the most honest forms of metal music there has ever been, then there’s still plenty of time to jump on board. The new E.P has done exactly what it set out to achieve, made me want more and made me look forward to the upcoming new full album.


Written By ZeeZee

Ratings    Zeezee    8/10

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