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Death Dealer – War Master Review

death dealer warmaster cover

Released by: Steel Cartel Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Power Metal



Line Up:

Sean Peck – Vocals

Stu Marshall – Guitar

Ross the Boss – Guitar

Rhino – Drums

Mike Davis – Bass



1. Death Dealer

2. Never to Kneel

3. Warmaster

4. Children of Flames

5. Curse of the Heretic

6. Hammer Down

7. The Devils Mile

8. Liberty or death

9. Heads Spikes Walls

10. Wraiths on the Wind


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you precisely why I love heavy metal music using a new band called Death Dealer. Though the band is new, its members have been around the metal world for some time, including former Manowar members Ross the Boss and Rhino and Cage singer Sean Peck. I’d actually been hearing about this project for a little bit now through Facebook, but until recently it had slipped my mind. Good thing I remembered this project though. Releasing their debut album War Master on Steel Cartel Records, they are prepared for world domination and obliteration through their distinct brand of metal.

As a fan of many genres of metal music, next to thrash my favorite is definitely straight forward metal in the same vein as Maiden and Priest, but Death Dealer adds an element that takes them a step beyond raising the bar on heaviness. Comparing their sound to early Manowar does them a disservice despite some similarities, as they take the brashness and in your face concept of that band and take it to the next level. If Manowar espouse death to false metal, then Death Dealer’s motto should be death to Manowar and everyone else. With the soaring vocals of Peck, the brilliant guitar work of Ross and ex-Dungeon axeman Stu Marshall, the driving beat supplied by Rhino on the drums and thundering bass work of ex-Halford member Mike Davis performing heavy metal face-melters like “Curse of the Heretic,” “Warmaster,” “Hammer Down,” and “Liberty Or Death” this album is sure to get even the most jaded old school headbanger’s head bouncing.

Everything about this album exemplifies why I love metal music so much. Brilliant songs performed by fantastic performers playing classic music that harkens back to the old days of cocksure metal yet positioning themselves squarely in modern times, War Master from Death Dealer deliver a sound sorely missing in today’s music and one that I hope will continue putting out music until all other bands are laid to waste in the wake of their heavy metal supremacy!


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    9/10


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