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Deep Purple – Now What Review

deep purple_now what cover

Released by: eAR Music

Release Date: Out NOw!!!

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Ian Gillan

Ian Paice

Roger Glover

Steve Morse

Don Airey



1. A Simple Song

2. Weirdestan

3. Out Of Hand

4. Hell To Pay

5. BodyLine

6. Above And Beyond

7. Blood From A Stone

8. Uncommon Man

9. Apres Vous

10. All The Time In The World

11. Vincent Price

12. It’ll Be Me


No matter the line-up (or Mach, if you will) Deep Purple is a band that are bona fide legendary. With a back catalog of some of the most important and recognizable songs in hard rock/heavy metal history, the band really doesn’t have to keep plugging along. Songs like “Space Truckin’,” “Hush,” and of course “Smoke On the Water” are part of the musical fabric of our consciousness. The latter track alone is almost standard fare for a first time guitarist to learn. Such a basic riff, yet it has had such an impact on the music world it’s astounding. More astounding than that is the fact that the band is still releasing music into their 6th decade of recording. And not just music, but albums that still manage to impress fans worldwide. It’s a crying shame that the so-called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has yet to induct this band. This fact is simply beyond me. Of course they only this year added Rush so maybe there’s still a chance. Far greater than that joke though is the bands 19th album Now What?! out now on earMusic.

The thing that instantly jumped out at me while listening to this album was the maturity of the band. When you think Deep Purple you think the psychedelic soul keyboard work of Jon Lord, the ear splitting voice of Ian Gillan, and the bombastic guitar stylings of Ritchie Blackmore. Granted, Blackmore has been out of the band a while now opting to play acoustic Celtic folk music and the late great Jon Lord left the band in 2004 due to his health, but those are the things that one has come to expect of the band. Not that those aspects are missing on this album- the basic feel and essence of Deep Purple is still present with the more than competent fretwork by the incredible Steve Morse and the eerily similar keyboard sound from Don Airey, and despite the fact that Gillan doesn’t scream like he once did (hell, beyond Tony Harnell and CJ Snare, there really aren’t too many guys who could seriously belt out some high notes back in the day that can still pull it off) he still has that smooth soulful voice. The songs themselves, though not blatantly instant classics, are more reserved and in the pocket- a grown up version of Deep Purple if you will. Bearing more of a resemblance to prog bands like ELP and Yes interspersed with that DP structure you’ve got a pretty enjoyable album.

Purple fans that hold allegiance to a particular era of the band that isn’t the current one will likely remain the same in regards to Now What?!, but if one is able to open their mind and allow songs like “Weirdistan,” “Above and Beyond,” “Uncommon Man,” and “Out of Hand” to entertain them, then it’s likely the latest offering from Deep Purple, though not their best album ever, is still pretty good, especially in this day and age of cookie-cutter rock music. It’s nice to hear the band making great music still, and hopefully someday they will get the recognition they so deserve.


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    7/10

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