Kreator, Overkill and Warbringer live at Stage 48 NYC, on November 23rd 2013

A steeple of consistency Overkill has been, probably more underrated then anybody out there, another legendary band in the genre with a storied career that just keeps plowing away...




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The Legends of Trash Tour came roaring in to Stage 48 in NYC for a two day event and Myglobalmind was there covering two of the true champions of the genre of Thrash Metal; Jersey’s own Overkill and Germany’s iconic thrasher’s Kreator who seem to be crushing stages world-wide in support of their recent album “The Phantom Antichrist”. Without a doubt the line up is a metal head’s dream, in fact so much neck crushing glory was done this night that some may have needed a neck brace after all was said and done. But let’s take a deep look into each band’s career and it’s quite a long one, there’s a reason they are considered legends of the scene.

If you consider both acts laid out their blueprint for success in 1985 with their debut album and have only rampage through their career with more metal that would put any new bands today to shame. These guys have gone though the battles, the grind, the ups and down of life on the road. What better way to smash NYC in two with some severe potency of craftsmanship and skill that only the greats bring to the table. It takes some balls and daringness to stay afloat in this scene, and these two bands are a testament to that theory.

Due to both bands being co-headliners, Kreator went on first a little earlier then expected, and big thanks to our PR friend Brian for giving us a heads up on the Kreator’s start up time. But first the stage belonged to one of the hot acts on Century Media Records roster and Warbringer, these guys although thrash at it’s core they do wear their influences on their sleeves, and touring with these class acts no doubt a big influence one would imagine, they no doubt carry some weight and have extensive road experience as well, a great opener for the legends laid ahead. Lead singer John Kevill is one of the best trash singers our there at the moment, and the whole band just shreds live with melody, groove and explosiveness, make sure you catch these guys live when you can.





Kreator was gearing up next to take the stage, a little early as expected but that only fed into the anticipation in the air. As soon as Mille Petrozza took the stage, the limelight was filled with blackness and the air got a little tighter, massive neck breaking headbanging laid ahead folks. “Phantom Antichrist” exploded things over with vengeance, anybody that has heard the new Kreator record, knows the title track shreds as well as the rest of the album. From their classic 1990 self title “Coma of Souls” was followed by “Endless Pain” bringing forward the past with some of these early past hits.

The tight setlist does well to balance past and preset including a personal fave in “United in Hate” with the acoustic intro, always a fan favorite as soon as it burst into this massive fire pit, great stuff Mille and the boys surge in this set closing with some typical numbers such as “Civilization Collapse” and before launching into “Flag of Hate” they do a little 10 second intro of the classic Painkiller by Judas Priest. The night would not end until Petrozza brings out their flag for “Flag of Hate” and invigorates the NYC crowd as Kreator nation unites in a cheerful sea of black and menacing chants. Great night great setlist. Kreator keeps trucking in the 20th century until the next show….these Trash road warriors continue to wreck it live.





Overkill got the headliner act (bands been switching between dates) on this NYC stint and is good to see Bobby Blitz back and healthy. As some of you know earlier this year Overkill was forced to cancel some dates on tour with Testament due to Blitz being diagnosed with walking pneumonia. This night the iconic thrashers and Blitz took the stage with boastful of energy to spare, and the same intensity that they always bring on their flawless performances. A steeple of consistency Overkill has been, probably more underrated then anybody out there, another legendary band in the genre with a storied career that just keeps plowing away with no sign of stoppage any time soon. If you call yourself a true metalhead and never seen Overkill live, wake up and smell the napalm in the air, cause it’s bloody powerful.

Blitz and the outfit open things up with their old school number crusher “Deny the Cross”, a moment is realized here, Blitz sounds as ferocious as ever, he’s piercing voice is just punishing. Ron Lipnicki crushes the battery when a real old school number in “Hammered” enters the set list. Nice refresher of a young Overkill for all the metal babies out there not familiar with he band’s past. Self title head crushing “Ironbound” comes flowing with precious fury as Blitz grooves like a Halford’s mad cousin, sick again live with some emphatic screams, classic Overkill. Encore concludes with “Horroscope and Fuck You” the pits we’re endearing, the air had cleared, the dusk was wavering and at the end of this powerful night, all that was left was the battered and bruises from this empowering performance by two of of the legends of Trash in 2013. And this was only night 1.








Kreator Setlist:

Phantom Antichrist

From Flood into Fire


Coma of Souls / Endless Pain

Pleasure to Kill

Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)

Riot of Violence

Enemy of God


The Patriarch

Violent Revolution

United in Hate

Civilization Collapse

Flag of Hate / Tormentor



Overkill Setlist:

Deny the Cross

Bring Me the Night

Electric Rattlesnake


Rotten to the Core

Hello From the Gutter



Thanx for Nothin’





Fuck You





Tell Us How You Feel


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