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Pilgrim II: Void Worship Review


Released by: Metal Blade Records

Release Date: March 1st, 2014

Genre: Doom



Line Up:

Krolg, Slayer of Men — Drums

The Wizard — Guitar, Bass and Vocals



01. Intro

02. Master’s Chamber

03. The Paladin

04. Arcane Sanctum

05. In the Presence of Evil

06. Void Worship

07. Dwarven March

08. Away from Here


Doom, glorious doom! It’s amazing how a style of music that is full of anguish and despair oozing out of it can bring such unabashed joy, but Doom Metal has always done this for me. Done properly, it is one of the heaviest, most emotional forms of music out there. I don’t love every Doom band out there as it is often a style mired in talentless hacks who think just by creating a sludgy sound thus makes a great sound. No, it is a very precise genre that requires talent and a dedication to the craft. One of the more recent bands to hit the scene that has made a positive impact on my life is Pilgrim.

Their debut in 2012 Misery Wizard was one of those accidental finds that blew my mind. Continuing forward with their mystical sludge mastery with their sophomore release II: Void Worship, Pilgrim proves that they are a force to be reckoned with and offer a full throttle masterpiece that is sure to please Doom fans across the globe. With epic tracks as “Masters Chamber” and “Void Worship” along with brilliant songs like “The Paladin,” “Arcane Sanctum,” and “In the Presence of Evil” combine to create this amazing album. Not missing a beat after losing bassist Count Elric the Soothsayer, the duo of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter The Wizard and drummer Krolg Slayer of Man persevere and show that nothing will stand in their way of putting out great music for the fans.

I realize that Doom is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is one of those genres of metal that splits fans of the metal world. To some it is too dreary and slow for them to handle. But that rare breed like myself that can’t get enough of it, it’s a wonderful thing that bands like Pilgrim are around putting out amazing material like II: Void Worship. Fans of the style and fans of Pilgrim already will love this release immensely. Sadly, I just found out that they are coming to my area, however I am going to be forced to miss them as I just found out about it and the show is tomorrow (of this writing.) Doom metal is a whole different beast when it comes to a live setting. Hopefully they will find their way back again soon.


Written by Chris Martin

Ratings    Chris    8/10

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