Dumbjaw live at The Black Heart, Camden on September 10, 2014

If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to see it yourself and, yes, I have the details - at least for Dumbjaw. They will be playing The MacBeth...

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One thing I absolutely love is when you discover a gig that makes you feel like you discovered something special no one else knows about. At least not yet. The 10th of September was one of those days with two great bands performing at The Black Heart in Camden.

One of them was Dumbjaw who actually got discovered at The Black Heart just a few months earlier. Four guys playing what they call alternative, rock-punk-indie, but let me assure you that there was also some grunge involved.

To be honest I actually felt reminded of what Charles R. Cross wrote in Kurt Cobain’s biography – Nirvana’s beginnings to be precise and I don’t mean the part where they played at student parties but later when they started touring little venues.

Dumbjaw managed to capture that raw sound and energy and the rock ‘n’ roll spirit which you rarely see nowadays. They not only seemed authentic and genuine but also like they wouldn’t necessarily be trying to be something they are not. Not only did they present raw talent with a great sound, but you could feel that these guys were enjoying what they were doing and savouring every moment of that intimate gig. But they weren’t the only ones.

The crowd also responded positively and to everyone’s surprise an enthusiastic fan jumped on stage when their last song, which is rumoured to be their first single to be released, blasted out of the speakers and that guy sang along to the band’s backing vocals.

Oh and let me tell you a little secret, but promise to keep it to yourself, will you? According to, let me call it an anonymous source (yes, I know), their first single will be announced on the 3rd Monday of November. But ssshhh! You better make sure to follow them on Facebook or Twitter (@Dumbjawuk) now, just in case I was too fascinated by Dumbjaw’s performance that I got the details all wrong (insert an attempt at winking hear).

Next up was The Dash, an indie punk band from London. Their music reminded me of a punkier version of the Kaiser Chiefs. Just imagine for a second the Kaiser Chiefs and Ramones had a baby, well then the Dash would be it. Kind of. To be honest singer Marc Hayward’s style even reminded a bit of Joey Ramone. Together with his performance that included engaging the crowd, it was more like Joey Ramone gone Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop which together with their sound guaranteed great entertainment. I mean at one point he even jumped into the crowd. The Dash like Dumbjaw had a very raw energy but something more dramatic about them. But you better check them out yourself and let me assure you it’ll be worth it. Their new single “3 Times More” is already out now (sorry no anonymous, mysterious source here but hey, you don’t have to wait either).

All in all it was a very intimate gig. A bit like what I imagine Foo Fighter’s secret gig in the House of Vans underneath Waterloo station might have been like if I hadn’t missed it.

Two bands passionate about their music with a great spirit and raw, captivating sound that will have you in a state of trance and excitement in no time.

If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to see it yourself and, yes, I have the details – at least for Dumbjaw. They will be playing The MacBeth (N1 6LP) together with three other acts on the 1st of October (Doors at 8pm). To see The Dash live, I’m afraid but you will have to follow their Facebook or Twitter (@wearethedash) to keep up-to-date. I know you want it.





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