Interview with Linda Strom (Bass) from All Girls Swedish Hard Rock Sensation ThunderMother



Words by Karen Hetherington for Myglobalmind  Online Magazine



In an age when music is so easily accessible and sound quality is vastly improved, many of us are still listening to vintage rock “because the old bands are the best”.  I confess to being guilty of this myself.

While it’s certainly true that many iconic bands are hard acts to follow and nearly everything has been done before, every now and again you hear a new band that totally blows you away and realisation dawns that some of the best may yet be undiscovered. 

Thundermother play classic, hard hitting Rock n Roll with a fresh edge to it – I was instantly smitten.  Their latest album Road Fever is due for release on 4th September 2015 and is sure to be exceptionally well received by all!


There is an eclectic mix of nationalities in the band, how did you girls all hook up?

Filippa started the band and found Giorgia (italy) as she was asked to do the logo for the band and they ended up talking about bands and guitars.
After a few years and members changed Linda was asked as an old friend, Tilda that Filippa knew since school and a friend of the band found Clare on Youtube.

Your music has been described as having an AC/DC vibe and I’m hearing this myself.  Who would you describe as your main influences and which musicians do you most admire?

I think ACDC as you say, Janis J, Airbourne, Hellacopters, Motörhead. We all listen to so different kind of music personal in the band, so that would be an individual question.

You have produced two fantastic albums in quite close succession.  I guess you have a lot of ideas and creativity going on? What are your plans over the coming months?

We are (actually today) going on an European tour for 2 weeks now, then home for a few days and after we go for our Spain-tour. We will also have some few special Swedish gigs before the years end.

Photo Credit: Linda Pettersson
Photo Credit: Linda Pettersson

How does it feel to have such great feedback about your music from big name artists?

Its amazing of course! means a lot!

Do you play any covers when you are performing live or is it all original material?

No its only our own songs…

When you played at the Sweden Rock festival last year were the audience familiar with your music?

Yes, we had a lot of fans there. Some people that just heard a lot about us and wanted to see what “Thundermother” is, and a lot of other people that just passed by but stopped. It was an amazing show!

How do you best describe your music, for fans that have not heard it before?

“Energy Rock n Roll”

If you had to pick one album stranded on an island, which would It be?

For me personally it would be Judas Priest- Point of Entry.

Finally, will you be coming to a stage near me (UK) any time soon?

We really hope so! Our booking agent is working on it and we want to go on a new UK-tour!

Many thanks for taking the time to answer my questions and I hope to see you in the very near future!

Photo Credit:Philip Truong
Photo Credit:Philip Truong


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