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Chris Ousey – Dream Machine Review

Released by: Escape Music

Genre-Rock/Melodic Rock

Release Date-22nd April 2016



Line Up:

Chris Ousey: Lead vocals and backing vocals
Chris Green: Lead Guitars
Adam Wakeman: Keyboards
Tommy Denander Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars and Keyboards
Andy Loos: Bass Guitars
Lars Chriss Drums
Backing vocals: Ged Rylands and Paul Hume



1-This Is the Life
2- Another Runaway
3- War
4- Dream Machine
5- Tearing It All Down
6- Into Your Dream
7-Moment Of Madness
8- Gone Long Gone
9-Better Time To Come
10- Eager To Please
11- Return To Me


Former ‘Monroe’, ‘Virginia Wolf’, ‘Heartland’ and ‘Snakecharmer’ vocalist Chris Ousey comes storming back, ‘Nicknamed by the press as The Man with the Golden Tonsils’, ‘Ousey’ returns with the follow up to his 2011 debut solo release ‘Rhyme And Reason’,with another spectacular release entitled ‘Dream Machine’.

While with ‘Virginia Wolf’ ‘Ousey’ had album sales reaching 250,000 between two albums,although fans will no doubt most associate ‘Ousey’ with ‘Heartland’, with which he has 10 album releases dating back to the early nineties.

If this latest release ‘Dream Machine’ is anything like Ousey’s debut solo release ‘Ryhme And Reason’ then we are in for a real treat. The production for Ryhme And Reason was taken up by no other than ‘Mike Slamer’,and was a huge success both critically and commercially and really put Chris up on the pedestal of top rock vocalists.

This time the production is taken up by ‘Lars Chriss’ and ‘Khalil Turk’. All tracks are written by Chris Ousey and Tommy Denander with the exception of track nine ‘Better Time To Come ‘which the late Christian Wolf co wrote with Ousey and Denander. No time is wasted as we go storming into the opening track ‘This Is The Life’ ,the guitars crank up and the bass thunders and rolls, a true rocker to kickstart the rock demons inside as we scream ‘this is the life ‘with horns aloft.

A much slower and melodic start to the second track ‘Another Runaway’ as with Title track ‘Dream Machine’ with the sound of Ousey’s vocals this time soothing and reassuring. Still not enough to be classed as ballads but more steady rockers.The latter having a great sixties style piano interlude and a with a guitar solo that’s almost reminiscent of a Gary Moore (R.I.P)solo. ‘War’ again is a smoother steady paced track which showcases ‘Ousey’s vocal range and uncanny similarity to ‘Mr Bigs’ ‘Eric Martin’, ‘War’ boasts a catchy chorus with great hooks and riffs.The album continues in much the same vein as we rock our way through ‘Tearin It All Down’ ‘Into Your Dream’

The pace is picked up once more for ‘Moment Of Madness’with a quiet and rather misleading piano intro before pow!!!! bass, drums and guitars all ‘Whack You In The Face’,with a killer chorus and a guitar solo that would scare the worms outta Jason Vorhees eyesockets . ‘Gone Long Gone’ the ballad of the album, is that and more, a catchy key driven track with great hooks and singalong chorus. The closer ‘Return To Me’ sees us out in style, as the pace returns to the more bass rollin drum thundering rock, with a background chorus of keys and guitar that sublimely sets up Ousey’s solid vocals and catchy stadium rocker chorus.


Written by: Shane Bradley

Rating Shane:  10/10

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2 thoughts on “Chris Ousey – Dream Machine Review

  1. Hi, I love this album !
    But there are some issues:

    -tracklist is not balanced
    -opener is a bit academic, MomentOfMadness I’d liked more
    -TearingAllDown seems truncated: after 1st refrain it lacks 2nd verse

    Anyway great album 🙂

  2. 10/10 is too much high.. if we look at the first album that was superior !
    I love this new cd from Ousey but there are some issues:

    -tracklist is not balanced
    -track5 has a bad structure.. 2nd verse is missing so 1st refrain is repeated forever til the end of the song


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