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Redemption – Long Night’s Journey Into Day Review

Released By: Metal Blade Records

Release Date: Out Now

Genre: Progressive Metal



Line Up:

Nick van Dyk – guitars, keyboards

Chris Quirarte – drums

Sean Andrews – bass guitar

Tom Englund – vocals



1. Eyes You Dare Not Meet in Dreams
2. Someone Else’s Problem
3. The Echo Chamber
4. Impermanent
5. Indulge in Color
6. Little Men
7. And Yet
8. The Last of Me
9. New Year’s Day
10. Long Night’s Journey into Day


In a span of about 60 seconds last year at ProgPower, when they were announcing the line-up for this year, I went through an emotional roller coaster. My buddy Dennis and I had already swore we didn’t care who was announced, we weren’t going to do it again. Not that it’s not a lot of fun, because it certainly is, but the expense is just so much, and he at that time was dealing with possible lay-offs at work and in my unknown future I had a house payment coming, but already dealing with money crap. None-the-less we were still stoked to see who was coming for 2018. As soon as Redemption’s logo came up I was already figuring in my head that I was pretty sure I could afford it. They’re one of my absolute favorites, in most part due to singer Ray Alder, who was summarily cast out of my vision, spiraling me down into a deep, dark depression when it was stated he was no longer with them. WHAT?!? How can this be?? Finally it was made known that Tom Englund of Evergrey was taking over the vocals. Here’s where the coaster did some swirls and circles and upside down stuff. I love Evergrey, and Tom is a fantastic singer, but he’s not Ray so I went through, “Oh man this is terrible! Tom’s great, but Ray dammit! But Tom is great so maybe? You know, I’ll just reserve my feelings on it until I hear the new album they’re working on. I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Whew, I was spent after that, but there were some other announcements that soon distracted me from this news. Now the album is out- so where do I stand?

It’s entitled Long Nights Journey Into Day and on the surface it sounds like Redemption with Tom of Evergrey singing. That was at least my first impression when I heard the first song. As the album worked its way on, I came to the realization that no, this sounds nothing at all like Tom of Evergrey. It’s 100% Tom of Redemption. Even Tom is stretching out his abilities in ways I didn’t know he could. With each track I realized that yeah, I missed hearing Ray’s voice, but this album kicks so much ass I can’t help but love it. Tracks like “Someone Else’s Problem,” “Indulge In Color,” and the brilliant “And Yet” show that Tom is an even better singer than I realized- and that’s saying something because he’s always had such command of the mic. Even the great U2 cover of “New Years Day” pushes him beyond his boundaries, or so it seems. He makes it seem like just another day at work.

 I’m sure others felt the same as I when it was made known that Alder was out and Tom was in. That’s a significant change for their sound, no matter how good another singer might be. Ray’s voice has a certain quality to it that conveys so much feeling and passion. Of course, Englund has done the same thing, just a different way. The real test for me will be on stage, performing some of the earlier tracks, to make me decide if I’m Team Tom all the way. Long Nights Journey Into Day is a huge step in bringing me there. Please give this album a shot. I was all ready to shred it to bits, but I was blown away. I guess I should’ve never worried to begin with. Redemption still are brilliant and amazing. 

Written by: Chris Martin

Rating: 9/10



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