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T Clemente Band – Man Machine : Review

Released By: Clemente Music
Release Date: Out Now
Genre: Classic Rock
1. Wild & Crazy
2. Man Machine
3. It’s Rock & Roll
4. Sunset In Your Eyes
5. Fuel My Fire
6. Unacceptable
7. I’ve Had Enough
8. One Voice
9. Heaven’s Eyes
10. Rock U.K Tour
11. Lasso Motion
This is the fourth opus from Teddy Clemente and his band, staying true to the vintage 70s and 80s rock sounds from so many classic albums.   With the powerful vocal stylings of Amanda Dieck this, quite honestly, is a perfect album from start to finish.  The song arrangements and compatibility of the riffs with the solos make this a classic that has been missing for so many years.  Sing-a-long choruses will even make the ‘holding a lighter in the air’ moments cool again.  There are so many influences here that it is difficult to know where to start.  But it is clear, this album rocks like a beast!
Track-by-track this album unfolds into all the highlights of all of the reasons we follow rock music.  Dirty riffs, squealing solos, solid rhythm and keyboards reminiscent of Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy but with the added bonus of Dieck’s superb rock vocals.  This could possibly be my favourite pure rock album in nearly 25 years! 
From the outset ‘Wild and Crazy’ sets the album of the nice chugging riff and the kind of solo that Gary Moore would have been proud of.  Title track the epic, ‘Man Machine’ which serves up a delicious slice of Nancy Wilson-style vocals (Heart) and rich guitar solos, which meld into a classic rock song that will be a favourite for festival crowds to sing along.  The dirty riff on ‘It’s Rock N Roll’ needs no explanation.  The slower paced numbers ‘I’ve Had Enough’ and ‘Heavens’ Eyes’ contain the best elements of the 80s ballads without being cheesy.   ‘One Voice’ and ‘Unacceptable’ are also firmly rooted in the late 80s rock sound but with different influences pouring through.   
Every song is thoughtfully crafted, taking all the best from the decades that made rock music great, but updating it to make the whole album sound fresh and vibrant.  There are 11 great songs on this album, it’s hard to pick a favourite.   A must buy!  I’ve got to give this album 10 out of 10.  There doesn’t seem to be anything I can mark this down for. An album and a band for whom the rock community must now stand up and pay attention to!

Rating – 10/10

Reviewers – Stefan Putwain & Simon Kneller

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