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Chez Kane – Chez Kane Review

Release by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic Hard Rock



Produced By : Danny Rexon
Executive Producer : Danny Rexon
Studio: Brick Wall Studio – Malmö
Recorded By: Danny Rexon
Mixed By: Danny Rexon
Mastered By: Erik Mårtensson – Blowout Productions
Band Members: Chez Kane



Better Than Love
All Of It
Rocket On The Radio
Get It On
Too Late For Love
Defender Of The Heart
Ball N’ Chain
Midnight Rendezvous
Die In The Name Of Love
Dead End Street


There are some albums that you hear at the precise right time, and it sits well with you. British rock singer, Chez Kane’s self-titled album is one of them. I was driving through the Florida Everglades on a lonely 2 lane highway. The album’s high energy and pure rock and roll vibe were just what the doctor ordered.

While her sound is unique, the fans of bands like Journey, Meatloaf, Bon Jovi are sure to love this one. There’s a trace of a modern country as well. And, if you think Meatloaf and Journey is a strange mashup, you’d be wrong. It sounds really good. Track 1, Better Than Love has a pleasant piano intro, that goes into a smooth melody with a big chorus, that transitions back into the smooth groove. The second song, All Of It is a heavyish anthem with a driving guitar line. #4, Get It On has a modern country rock feel with a killer guitar riff and a very catchy chorus. Defender Of The Heart, a ballad has some powerful guitar lines, and the song hits as hard as the rest of the songs on the album. These are just some examples. All 10 of the songs are great. As I said, it’s a high-energy and uplifting pure rock and roll album. The musicians and songwriting are all top-notch.

I saved the best for last. Her VOICE. Chez Kane has some serious pipes. Along with a high vocal range, and seemingly endless power, her voice is beautiful and tough. Kind of like the pretty girl who will kick your butt without a second thought.

I’m going to rate this one a 10. It’s the best rock album I’ve heard in a while. Buy it!


Written by: Bill Selby

Rating: 10/10

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