Out today – Uriah Heep ‘Every Day Rocks’ box set – Review and Unboxing Video

British hard rock legends Uriah Heep are one of the “big four” rock bands, along with Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, and certainly one of the most...

Uriah Heep Release stunning box set, celebrating 50 years. 1st 7 albums and how you can live by Uriah Heep’s positive messages day by day

Uriah Heep have much to celebrate. 50 years in the music business, they along with a handful of other including Judas Priest are lucky enough to be healthy enough, fit enough and game enough to get out there and remind the masses just why their music has inspired and rewarded both fans and musicians alike over the course of their career.

2021 has seen Uriah Heep as festival headliners at Steelhouse and festival saviours at Stonedead when the original headliners at the latter, Black Star Riders, had to withdraw as a result of ‘COVID-19’ / Scott Gorham leaving the band (delete as required). Whilst Steelhouse was supposed to be a UK festival exclusive this year, it’s the music that matters most and a few friendly phone calls between the organisers ensured that the show would go on and ‘Heep reigned triumphant again.

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To the matter in hand though. The ‘Every Day Rocks’ box set. A glorious package that merits care and attention and, most importantly, use. Don’t leave the t-shirts in the box, wear them. Take photos of yourself in a different shirt every day for a week. Post them on social media and tag the band. That’s why they designed this box set. Not so you could let it sit on a shelf a gather dust waiting for a time when “it’ll be worth a lot more so I’ll sell it then”. What’s the point? Music and everything associated with it is meant to be enjoyed.

There’s no way I’m going to let mine rest on the side, not when I get all of these goodies included:

A certificate of authenticity, signed by the man himself, Mick Box.

7 Picture Disc LPs

  • …Very ‘Eavy …Very Humble – First time on picture disc vinyl.
  • Salisbury – First time on picture disc vinyl.
  • Look At Yourself – First time on picture disc vinyl.
  • Demons And Wizards – original and re-imagined artwork by Roger Dean, new artwork available for the first time on picture disc vinyl.
  • The Magicians Birthday – original and re-imagined artwork by Roger Dean, new artwork available for the – First time on picture disc vinyl.
  • Sweet Freedom – First time on picture disc vinyl.
  • Wonderworld – First time on picture disc vinyl.

7 x Each of the above albums on a T-Shirt – (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT SIZE WHEN ORDERING)

7 x Motivational lyric quote artcards

A wall planner

British hard rock legends Uriah Heep are one of the “big four” rock bands, along with Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, and certainly one of the most intriguing bands both musically and lyrically, to emerge from heavy rock.

Whilst you’re wearing the t-shirts, and spinning the albums and getting a truly zen moment to start your day, it’s worth remembering that these albums are available officially for the first time as picture discs and the albums; Demons And Wizards and The Magicians Birthday feature both re-imagined and original artwork by renowned fantasy artist Roger Dean.

Let’s have a look inside the box:

You Can Buy The Box Set Here: NB: Be sure to pick the right t-shirt size before checking out!! 


Of the content, for the rock lovers and musicians we do of course have Uriah Heep’s first 7 albums:

When you realise that all of these rank as both the highest selling and critically acclaimed albums from the band, you know that you’re onto a winner. For those people that see Uriah Heep as a progressive rock band rather than something altogether more intriguing, you’ve clearly never listened to Demons and Wizards. Described as a pioneering album of Gothic-infused heavy metal, the use of epic church organ sounds, thunderous riffs and glorious vocals, leads us to see where the likes of Powerwolf, Sabaton and more have found their inspirations within their own material. That viewpoint was further solidified when Masters of Rock Festival in the Czech Republic asked Uriah Heep to headline the festival back in 2019 (remember when festivals were the norm?). Not only did the current line up perform a sterling show but the fortunate crowd got to see several members who have played with the band throughout their career. A once in a lifetime moment for fans of the band and a wonderful result for the team who put together the festival, themselves massive fans of the band.

If you want to start somewhere with Uriah Heep, then Demons and Wizards is the one to kick things off. The album’s style is laid out with The Wizard. As is often the way with modern Gothic tinged tracks, they build softly into epic forceful opuses and The Wizard ticks every box. Of course it’s impossible to talk about the album without mentioning Easy Livin’, a powerful punchy rocker feels like it’s Uriah Heep’s very own Paranoid. The track everyone knows even if they don’t know the band’s extensive back catalogue.  The album closes with Paradise and The Spell. If you want to understand how bands like those mentioned above really got their inspiration, then this is everything you need to know.

A legacy creating album and one that confirms just why the band are celebrating a thoroughly deserved 50 years.

To close…. let’s just have a final word from Mick….

Along with BMG we wanted to do something extra special for our fans which will give them a piece of Heep love every single day of the week. Our first 7 albums will be put on to picture disc, and there will be a t-shirt for each album to wear for each day of the week. We have also included a yearly wall planner, so that you can plan your listening or just make some notes on how the albums make you feel. This way you can keep on Heepin’ on! ‘Appy days!Mick Box.

(C) Adrian Hextall \ MindHex Media

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