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Bobby Harrison – Anthology

Released By : Angel Air Records

Genre : Classic Rock, Funk Rock

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01.  Long Gone

02.  Don’t Keep Me Wondering

03.  Bloodhound

04.  Lock & Key

05.  Goodbye USA

06.  Thinkin’ About You

07.  Spotlight

08.  Little Linda Lovejoy

09.  Drowning In The Sea Of Love

10.  Frustrated Women

11.  Cleopatra Jones

12.  To Be Free

13.  King Of The Night

14.  A Whiter Shade Of Pale

15.  The Hunter

16.  Going Down

17.  Cut In Two

18.  Bleed Me Dry

19.  Unsettled Dust

20.  Nobody’s Business

21.  Losing You

22.  Time Of The Season

23.  Its Over

24.  Hot Stuff

25.  Oh Pretty Women

26.  Miss Little Louise

27.  Overload

28.  Looking For A Friend

29.  The Better Side

30.  The Butt Of Deception

Among the latest batch of re-issue and compilation releases from Angel Air Records is the new two disc anthology from one of the unsung heroes of classic rock Bobby Harrison. While Harrison may not have quite made himself a household name, his achievements and contributions are wide enough to rival some of the biggest names you can think of. Probably the main thing Harrison would be known for is his time as the drummer for Procul Harem where he co-wrote A WHITER SHADE OF PALE and a few other hits. But aside from that he also released a couple of solo albums based more in the funk rock vein while also forming bands like SNAFU, FREEDOM and NOBODY’S BUSINESS all of which had varying degrees of success.

This two disc set collects a few tunes from each band Harrison had been a part of and a few solo tracks as well. Most of the tunes are pretty typical classic rock fare with a couple of more funky tunes. A WHITER SHADE OF PALE is clearly the highlight here and is a song that never ages and still sounds as haunting an amazing as it always has. The version on this collection is actually a re-recording but in a rare feat still sounds as good as the original. Other highlights are LONG GONE, SPOTLIGHT, GOING DOWN and HOT STUFF.

While it’s great to have all of these various hard to find recordings all together, where this album truly shines is in its preparation. As has become the norm from archival type releases by Angel Air Records, the encompassing booklet is entertaining to read and very informative. It has small write ups about each of the various projects that are included on the compilation and a whole slew of rare promotional photos which really adds to the values of this particular collection.

The collection also works as a good sampler product as each song (not including the re-recorded version of A WHITER SHADE OF PALE) is taken from an album that is also available courtesy of Angel Air Records, so if you like a particular tune or a particular project you can rest assured that there is more on offer for you to chase up. A great sampler and very good compilation that is presented excellently and worth every penny.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 8/10

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