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Disintegrate – Parasites Of A Shifting Future

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Blackened Thrash Metal

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01.  Abecedarium

02.  Mediacrity

03.  The Art Of Clairvoyance

04.  Casus Belli

05.  Parasites Of A Shifting Future

06.  Twist Of Faith

07.  The Architect

08.  Shatter Them

09.  The Subtle Decay

10.  Within The Pain

11.  These Scars

In an era where bands get together and release an album within a year or less, it is refreshing every now and then to get a debut album from a band that have obviously done the hard yards first. I’d say considering the fact that DISINTEGRATE have been around since 2005 that six years is a long enough apprenticeship and it shows in the fact that the album is pretty much awesome on all accounts.

DISINTEGRATE play a very blackened version of thrash metal that combines speedy head-banging riffs with extreme vocals that blend between death metal like growls to black metal like screams. Yes the people that class this as a thrash metal album are pretty right on, but the closest thrash band I can compare them to intensity wise would be SLAYER, with whom they also share a clear distain for all things related to religion. No, this isn’t satanic metal or anything like that, it’s just that some of the lyrics here comment on the problems relating to the church and things like that. Sound wise I would compare them more to KREATOR just because of the unrelenting constant barrage of fast riffs, double kick drumming and rumbling bass lines. But there is also a melodic element to the album with some interesting keyboard work here and there, cleverly enough though it is used sparingly so it never becomes an issue of getting in the way of the heaviness, in actual fact when it is used the whole thing just sounds grander and more epic while still being aggressive enough to tear shreds through your skin.

While I enjoyed tunes like MEDIACRITY, PARASITES OF A SHIFTING FUTURE and SHATTER THEM a lot, there was one song that stood out as something very special and the title of it is TWIST OF FAITH, which along with offering up some of the most awesome riffs on the album, lyrically it is as confrontational and awkward as just about any song I’ve ever heard. The lyrics talk about the damage caused by sick sadistic priests of the church that sexually and mentally abuse the young children that are initially sent to them for guidance and education. Definitely a subject matter not to be taken lightly, but DISINTEGRATE manage to tackle it here without ever getting too intense but still offering up enough to stir up a bevy of emotions.

I would have liked this album even if it wasn’t the band’s debut, but the fact that it is makes it a little more special and something that really stands out in the blackened thrash metal genre. Record labels should take note of this band because if they are still growing and improving they could have a real monster of an album in them just waiting to come out, PARASITES OF A SHIFTING FUTURE isn’t quite the aforementioned monster, but it certainly hints at great things to come and is a worthy album in its own right.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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