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For Blood And Vengeance – All Bets Are Off

Released By : Self Released

Genre : Modern Hardcore, Metalcore

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01.  Detonate

02.  LTCBU

03.  Take A Bullet

04.  Are New Or Insanity

05.  Not Now, Not Ever

06.  This Time Around

07.  Settle The Score

Metalcore is a genre that I have never really warmed to all that much. Don’t get me wrong, unlike a lot of other people I don’t hate it, I just don’t think there has really been that many good bands in the genre and much of it sound very similar. Every now and then though something from this style of music sticks out and demands some attention and it’s these releases that I usually take some interest in. The last metalore related release that I really got into was the ZOMBIE e.p from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, but that may have been more due to my love of all things zombies rather than the actual music. So it seems for me that to enjoy this type of music I need a gimmick to go along with it….which means the nw E.P from FOR BLOOD AND VENGEANCE should be right up my alley.

See.. the interesting thing about ALL BETS ARE OFF is that it isn’t actually getting released in the typical CD format, the band instead opting to release it on USB sticks which come complete with the music, some suitable artwork, pictures, a bio and a couple of videos. While I do think this is a good idea, I still think the band should look at doing a physical CD release to go alongside it. But as far as reviewing purposes go, having everything on a USB stick was actually quite convenient and I enjoyed the fact that it was something a bit different from the usual.

Getting on the actual music though, the closest comparison I can give here would be to HATEBREED, They share a similar bond in the fact that the hardcore elements shine through stronger than the metalcore elements. Don’t get me wrong, ALL BETS ARE OFF still has its fair share of break down grooves and modern core vocals, but the NY hardcore influence is still the predominant factor here. I guess you could also add BIOHAZARD to the comparison list too as vocalist Dennis has a similar voice to Billy Graziadei in places which once again keeps the old-school flair flowing through the E.P. THIS TIME AROUND is the clear highlight song here, followed closely by SETTLE THE SCORE, both of which will certainly please fans of HATEBREED, BIOHAZARD and even MADBALL.

ALL BETS ARE OFF certainly has a consistent old-school vibe to it, which does help FOR BLOOD AND VENGEACE stand out from the pack… it does start to get a little repetitive sounding toward the end, so the short running time is a bit of a saving grace really. I would like to see this E.P get a proper CD release as I do think it is good enough to get some serious label attention. If you like hardcore music or any of its offshoot genres, I sugest picking up the USB version of this E.P.. If the card fall right for these guys and they become a well-known act, this could very well end up being a serious collectors item later down the track.

Written By ZeeZee

Rating : 7/10

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