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Artizan – Curse Of The Artizan

Released by: Pure Steel Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Melodic US Metal


Line Up:

Ty Tammeus ( Drums)

Tom Braden (Vocals)

Shamus Mcconney (Rhythm guitar)

Jon Jennings (Bass)

Steffen Robitzsch (Rhythm/Lead guitar)


01. Trade The World

02. Rise

03. The Man In Black

04. Fire

05. Fading Story

06. Game Within A Game

07. Torment

08. Curse Of The Artizan

Are you tired of listening to half assed inspired bands who all they do is follow trends and forget about the principal rules of playing metal something that many bands seem to forget now a days? For this I propose the following…. How about playing some traditional melodic power metal? Sounds good right? Well how about then playing some old school power metal straight from the good old US of A? Yes you heard me right so keep reading.

With all the trends that bands now a days follow in the Metal genres often times they lack the thrill of the  music that just simply gives a nod back to the school. Hence here we have a band that does that but with plenty of originality,  Artizan a band hailing from Jacksonville, Florida hot on the heels of their self-released and titled debut-EP in 2009 which reached great success in the Underground-scene, now returns with their first full studio debut album titled “Curse Of The Artizan”. And what a surprise it is ladies and metal heads.

The talking heads will probably want to compare the lyrical context of the bands style to Iron Maiden or Priest, but really they stand on their own with a very traditional metal sound even if shades of Manowar and Iced Earth appear in instances. The mid temp cruncher of “Rise” brings impressions of early Savatage with it’s grinding shifting nuances, not to mention a punishing guitar solo by Hermanus Rombouts.  The fact that these guys mix it up in terms of tempo and mid level break in the song structures gives each song some precise sense of appeal, and a good example of this can be found on another killer track “The Man In Black”, with the solo in between reminding me a bit more once again of older Iced Earth stuff.

The guitars reach an interesting climax that holds the songs together on the pile driving tune “Fading Story’ and the last song the Epic title track prowls its way forward with a sense of conviction and by doing so incorporating all the metal elements that make great bands stand up and get noticed, not to mention a very cool lyrical story.

Whatever the comparisons and the fact the band was created by original members of the acclaimed Century Media recording artist Leviathan, these metal artisans carved of a great record that depicts all the true elements of the Metal genre. They have a commendable lead singer in Tom Braden, and a solid drummer in Ty Tammeus. I’m also giving a big thumps up for the cover artwork provided by fantasy-artist Marc Sasso who also was responsible for covers from Dio and Halford. Grandiose, melodic and roaring in every word,  wrapped up with a seal of METAL approval!!!! Check it out!!!

Written by Denys

Ratings Denys    8/10

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